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Ravages of Fulani herdsmen: Are writers up to the task?

Of late, the Fulani herdsmen spilling of blood from one part of the country to another have raised concerns on the security situation in the country.
In retrospect, the farmers and the herdsmen clashed for so long in Plateau State, which led to several losses of lives. But when the clashes seemed to have abated in that part of the country, it raised its ugly head again in Benue State, where the Agatu community was severely razed by the Fulani nomads, wielding dangerous weapons and arms.
  It should not be forgotten in a hurry that a prominent elder statesman, Chief Olu Falae bore the brunt of the Fulani herdsmen when he was kidnapped. Later, reports revealed that ransom was paid to secure his release from his captors.
The Fulani herdsmen turned kidnappers are being prosecuted at the law court. As it were, nobody knows how and when the case would be concluded.
Now, the incessant attacks by the Fulani herdsmen is moving to the South East precisely in Enugu State, where reports had it that about 46  people were killed in Uzo Uwani local government by the nomads this week
Questions are now cropping up concerning the role of Nigerian writers especially the prominent ones who seemed to have kept undignified silence about the plight of the victims of the Fulani herdsmen attacks.
  Like one did say that our Wole Soyinka (WS), J.P. Clark, Femi Osofisan, Niyi Osundare, among others  who supposed to be in the vanguard to decry such heinous crime perpetuated by the herdsmen has not been in their fiery colour they are noted for. All through ages, across the globe, writers have had to pay unusual prizes for rebuking atrocities of societies and rulers. Similarly, many societies pay direly for having some of the creative minds in their midst. It is just like the tale of a crazy strong breed that sometimes turns out equally weird pieces.
 Meanwhile, one-time Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) President, Ikeja branch, Monday Ubani, noted for being a staunch supporter of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, was vociferous against the criminal Fulani herdsmen, the president’s ethnic stock, who observers have berated for his undignified silence since the herders started unleashing terror in the country.
Ubani charged the president to speak up against the atrocities committed by the Fulani nomads. “Since he came to power, the president condemned the criminal act of the Boko Haram, the agitation of MASSOB and IPOB, and that of the vandals in the Niger Delta, saying that his regime will treat them like that of the Boko Haram. So, why must the president keep quiet on the Fulani attacks in the whole country? So, he must speak on the Fulani herdsmen terrorism”, he stressed.
Indeed, this is a wake-up call on the writers and creative people who have not done much as expected.
 In this regard, no matter the agenda of the CHANGE mantra of this administration, no ethnic group in whatever guise should have a roughshod on others.
The people look up to the human writers, artists the likes of Soyinka’s, to rise up to their responsibilities, so that “Man will not die”.
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