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Q and A: Ifie Sekibo led Heritage Bank answers eight of the best FAQs

SOMETIMES the world of banking and finance can be confusing but to help cut through the fog we asked the Ifie Sekibo led Heritage Bank what its customers wanted to know most.
In an attempt to improve the financial literacy of Nigerians Heritage Bank has engaged in a series of ‘Q and A’ sessions.

Q: How long will the account opening process take?
A: Once all your supporting documents are in place, your account should be up and running within 24 hours.

Q: How do I open an account?
A: You can open an account by providing valid documents for either Savings or Current (Individual/Corporate) account.

Q: I have opened a Heritage Bank savings/current account how soon can I have access to my funds?
A: As soon as we conduct all necessary verification and your account documentation is complete, you can have access to your funds.

Q: What are the registration steps for individual internet banking?
A: Log onto, select Internet Banking Personal Log-In, click ‘Register Now’, fill in all the required details (the same details as given on your account opening form), click ‘Submit’ and Print out form and take it to your nearest Heritage Bank branch for finalisation. Here’s an article explaining the advantages of Heritage Bank’s latest mobile banking app.

Q: How can I increase my transaction limit on mobile banking app?
A: Simply head to your closest Heritage Bank branch for assistance.

Q: How can I get my account number?
A: Call Heritage Bank’s 24 hour contact centre on +234012369000 for validation.

Q: My brother has an account, he is presently outside the country, he has obtained power of attorney, authorising me to process and open account for him. How do I go about this?
A: You need to provide full identification documents for your brother, including contact details. The Power of Attorney will then be forwarded to legal services for verification before the process of account opening commences.

Q: My father has an individual account, he is late now, how do I claim the funds?
A: Yes you can claim your late father’s fund but you must provide all the documents required to claim the funds of the deceased. The documents required are Letter of Administration (showing the funds in SGBN as part of the estate of the deceased) Original Death Certificate and Valid ID from the claimants.

Stay tuned, for more with Heritage Bank’s series of ‘Q and As’

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