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Provost harps on importance of teacher education to economic growth

Esther Taiwo

Provost of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Ijanikin, Lagos, Dr. Ladele Aina, has asserted that teacher education is an essential driver of economic growth strategy as it also determines the country’s capacity to attain the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Provost gave this assertion at the matriculation of full-time National Certificate in Education (NCE) students for the 2018/2019 session.

According to her, this underscores the absolute commitment of the College to quality teacher education service delivery.

“We parade well trained teaching and non-teaching staff and implement adequate curricula for socially responsive teacher education. In addition we link technologies across fields as we embark on an upgrade of facilities to make them fit for purpose”, she said.

The Provost disclosed further that the College has remained a prominent source of idea generation to other colleges of education in the country.

She said AOCOED has become leadership model not only because it takes the lead in the process of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) curriculum development but more so because it is active in the process of curriculum implementation.

“The role of the College in the development of the current national minimum standard for the pre-NCE curriculum in the country remains a feat in the teaching industry till this moment”, she said.

Dr. (Mrs.) Aina told the gathering that in the 2018 accreditation, the College and all its 31 programmes were fully accredited by the superintendent body, NCCE.

She expressed gratitude to the Lagos State government for providing the fund for the accreditation and for the support over the years.

She also thanked the Chairman and other members of the College community for their support, cooperation and understanding.

“By these giant strides, the College has charted a new course preparatory for the next level.

With the success, the College is able to further breed critical innovations in the teacher education programmes to tackle issues of unemployment, half-baked graduates, poverty, corruption, violence and other social menaces”, she said.

The Provost of the first tertiary institution owned by Lagos State told the matriculating students that at the completion of their programmes in the College, the world would be relying on them for its socioeconomic and political development.

She said this is because of the budgetary allocation to the educational sector and the best educational planning, policies and design towards the realisation of their dreams.

The Provost also reminded them that they are indispensable because education unlocks doors to modernisation and it is the teachers who hold the key to that door.

“The best you can do is to rise up now and still all possible doubts and be determined to make the best of your noble calling”, she said.

She counselled them to work hard, pray and be of good behaviour and success would come as she reminded them that the College will continue to invest heavily in physical and infrastructural development as she urged them to make the best use and take proper care of the facilities.

She also told them that as future teachers, they should always dress well and smartly as well as to keep the matriculation oath which is an evidence of their promise to be of good behavior and pledge to observe the ethics , virtues and norms of the college.

Aina congratulated those who voted in the last general elections stressing that the right to vote is an indispensable right and the fulcrum upon which democracy rests.

“The success of the elections exercise has attested to the readiness of Nigerians to grow and protect democracy”

“God will guide all those elected into different positions to be responsible and responsive to the needs of the people”, she said.