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Professionals should rise up for the survival of Ekiti.

The Southwest Professional Forum has described as an unfortunate, the level of decadence in all the sectors of the state economy saying, it is high time all professional bodies in the state came together and charted a new course for the real development of the State.

Group which blamed the inability of Ekiti State government to meet some of its obligations especially payment of workers’ salaries on absence of qualified professionals in some key sectors of the state economy

President of the Forum, Chief Segun Ajibulu, who made the assertion at a meeting with the Congress of Ekiti North Youth in Ado Ekiti, said that with the information available to the Forum, “what Governor Fayose is facing now is nothing but a resultant effect of not putting the right people at right places in his government.

“We can no longer leave the affairs of the State for the present crop of political leadership under governor Fayose without contributing our quota. If we failed to do the right things now, the next generations will bear the undeserved burdens in the areas of bad infrastructure, Education, Health, Agriculture and administration system”.

The group said “there is no reason the government should owe workers any salary in the state, most especially the local government workers, who are being owed about six months’ salaries alongside other state workers.The development is being compounded with the economy challenges facing the country following the sharp drop in the price of petrol at the international market.

“Therefore, Gov. Fayose must stop his rascality and “a-lone-ranger-man-gang-opposition” to the Federal Government but rather behave like someone who is ready to govern the State since he was voted in to give Ekiti State good government not good opposition to the Federal Government.

“There is  no doubt that the people of the State are being hit harder when compared to other states in the South Western part of the country. And the reason is not far fetched because many people in leadership of the state now especially members of the executive and legislature are grossly incompetent and non professionals.

“You cannot give what you don’t have and this is exactly what is obtainable at present in Ekiti State where ignorance and political thuggery are being elevated and glorified above merit and hard work,” he said.

The forum, however, called on the governor to allow all-inclusive government in the State as a major step to bring together values and
credibility into governance, saying the development would go a long way in tackling the abject poverty in the State.

“The only solution is for the governor to change the face of governance by being flexible and give room for intellectual opinions. Ekiti only needs technical skills to turn around its agrarian nature to make it self-reliant in food production and this could only be achieved through government’s intervention and readiness”.

“Governance and economy in crucial period like this require best brains in the land unlike when the economy was booming that, anybody can just collect allocation from the Federation Account and do whatever he or she likes with it as it was being done in the past.

Therefore, all hands must be on deck to facilitate meaningful development in the state as against the current cosmetic one in order to encourage the upcoming generations and lead them alright, Ajibulu concluded.

The leader of Congress Of Ekiti North Youth, Mr. Lanre Arise said the youths in the State are ever ready to partner every organisation that is ready to fast track real development of the State.

He commmended Chief Ajibulu for his forsight and initiatives on the efforts to bring professionals together to bail out the people of Ekiti from the current poverty and economy woes.

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