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Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo’s Advice on Uterine Fibroid

ISSAC, Oguntoye

The Nigerian Society of Interventional Radiology (NISIR) has revealed that about 25% of Nigerian women in their reproductive age are living with uterine fibroid unaware.

At the first Annual Scientific Meeting of NISIR in Lagos recently themed ‘Minimally invasive therapies, benefitting patients, saving lives’, the President NISIR, Prof. Ahmed Ahidjo, noted that uterine fibroid can be well treated with the inclusive interventional radiology procedures.

Speaking on the birth of NISIR, Ahidjo said it’s a new organization first established in 2010 at Akodo, Lagos state to enhance the art and science of interventional radiology and research through educational, scientific, literary, advocacy, regulatory and professional activities.

“We started this year’s back and now the society is expanding. I will say the government should intervene in providing this medical service. We are all complaining of medical tourism, most of those seeking for international medical attention also go for this  same interventional procedures. We are calling on the government to help assist to establish a national centre of interventional radiology in Nigeria which will serve as a training centre and a service providing centre for the general population.

“We will also want to plead with the government to help initiate an intervention radiology centre in each of the teaching hospital in all geopolitical zones. The burden is getting too much that the hospitals can’t do this on their own without government intervention.

On the objectives of the organization, he said “the promotion of interventional radiology at appropriate forums especially in the West African Sub-region. In pursuit of its objectives, NISIR aimed not only to address but to also provide suggestions and solutions regarding the important issues which currently face interventional radiology by adopting more of an active role within the radiological industry and the government and it relevant agencies.

Member Board of Trustee, NISIR, Prof. Abiodun Adeyinka, urged the government to consider a special budgetary for radiology and radiotherapy for sufficient funding.

“We are very few for the number of the population of Nigeria. First, we should try appeal to the government to fund radiology and radiotherapy. Equipments are very expensive. And such should come from a different budgetary entirely.  We need to draw government attention to proper funding. Another thing is that government must train us. With that we can build on human development” Adeyinka said

Speaking on the essentiality of the organization, Chairman Local Organisation Committee, NISIR Conference 2018, Dr. Ifeanyi Ukachukwu said the society was setup to harness radiologists and to solicit for facilities to stop Nigerians from medical tourism.

“Nigeria has a capacity and manpower for these services. The problem is not about manpower but equipments for treating patients. Patients can get better if they are treated with interventional radiology techniques and they are fast, and easy. We want as many doctors to know about this. For non-radiologists, we want them to cooperate with us by referring patients to us rather than referring them abroad. Money spent abroad should be reverse round in equipping our health facilities” he said.

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