Probe Buhari over repatriated funds diversion, PDP tells NASS

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on the National Assembly to save the nation by immediately undertaking a forensic probe of the Buhari Presidency, following fresh reports of clandestine plots by the Presidency to pillage the looted funds repatriated by the United State.

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The party said the recent revelation of huge corruption in the Buhari administration, has further exposed the fact that the administration has been living a lie; parading as saints with a false anti-corruption posturing, whereas it has been swimming in a huge ocean of corruption and massive treasury looting.

The party’s call was predicated on the reports by the US Department of State that the President Buhari-led government plots to funnel the repatriated money to certain individuals connected to the Presidency, including a particular state governor allegedly involved in the initial looting of the money.

The PDP said the report that the Buhari-led Government has been blocking attempts to recover part of the looted funds traced to Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu, the Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) Governors Forum, who was reportedly indicted by the US for allegedly helping in transferring billions of dollar out of the country during the military era, speaks volumes of the corruption and concealments going on in the Buhari Presidency.

“Moreover, further revelations in the report that instead of recovering the stolen money, the Federal Government is even in the process of funneling $100 million (N36.3 billion) out of the looted funds to Governor Bagudu, highlights the humongous sleaze, duplicity and treachery that pervade the Buhari administration.

“From the report, it is clear that the Buhari Presidency has further smeared itself, and no longer commands the trust and confidence of stakeholders within and outside the country in its fight against corruption.

“There are already apprehension in the public space of huge complicity and patronizing of corruption under President Buhari’s watch, which is directly responsible for our worsening corruption rating, a comatose economy, hardship and untold suffering which have turned our nation into world’s poverty capital”, said PDP in a statement on Saturday.

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The PDP held that the failure of the Buhari Presidency to give a direct response to the issues raised by the US Department of State only validates the widely held position within and outside our country that the administration is not only irredeemably corrupt but also serves as a haven for corrupt individuals.

The party, therefore, calls on the National Assembly to immediately redeem the image of the nation by invoking its statutory instruments to order a forensic investigation into the handling of repatriated funds given the huge corruption that have pervaded the Presidency.

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