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My pretty face and nice boobs are also part of my selling point-Ruth Eze

Mutiat Alli,

Although Ruth Eze is a graduate of Business Administration, she has a strong passion for acting and ready to do exploit. In this interview with MUTIAT ALLI, the Imo State-born actress talks about her sex life, passion and how she has managed to conquer the fiercely competitive Nigerian movie industry.

 Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Ruth Eze. I’m from Imo state. We are five in our family. I am a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Benin City, Nigeria, but I ended up becoming an actress.

How long have you been in the industry as an actress?

I have been acting professionally for the past 6 years, but since I was a child I have been dramatic. My mother told me that when I was a baby girl, I love drama, dancing, anything that would entertain people.

If you loved entertainment this much, why didn’t you go ahead and study that in school?

I also love business, statistics to be precise. Actually acting is an inborn thing; I know I have what it takes to be a good actress.  However, I would be going to London very soon to do my Masters, which would be on Theater Arts.

Which movie shot you to limelight?

Pregnant Hawkers gave me the leverage. Then Painful Betrayal with Yul Edochie also brought me in the spotlight.

We know the industry is flooded with lots of upcoming stars, what stands Ruth out?

My reactions are my strength. My pretty face and nice boobs are also part of my selling point. All the directors I work with often tell me that I have good facial expressions while interpreting a story.

You just mentioned that your boobs are part of your selling points; do you also get harassed because of your endowment?

Yes, of course. Plenty times. But I am a much matured person. I know how and when to draw the line. Sexual harassment to me is not a problem at all. In fact I even like it when men stare and admire my boobs (laughs). Lots of people are not as endowed as I am, so I am excited to be this heavily endowed up here (points at boobs)

How about sex for role or money role, have you ever been a victim?

No! Not all. I know sexual harassment exists, but I have not been in involved. As for money-for-role, that often happens in Asaba and it’s not fair on upcoming stars. I hear lots of people have fallen victims. Anyways, I strongly believe that, if you are thick, and know what it takes to be a good actress, nobody would want to exploit you. You can be harassed by any producer because you know your games well.

Ruth is a very beautiful lady, who is the lucky guy behind all these beautiful smiles?

I am still very single and ready to mingle.

What kind of man would win Ruth Eze’s heart?

I want a hardworking and honest man. I am very honest; I don’t entertain lies and deceit. I don’t like men that depend on women to feed them. I want a very happy guy, who would also be caring and romantic.

Hardworking, caring, how about a rich pocket?

Of course, I want a comfortable guy. Chubby, dark and handsome (Laughs). I am obsessed with dark guys.

In five years’ time where do you see your brand?

I want to be married with kids. I want to be with my family. I really love family. I also want to be one of the most popular faces in Nollywood.

Will you quit acting for marriage?

Never! No man born of a woman can ever stop me from acting. I love being in the movies, it makes me happy. So why would a man that claims he loves me deprive me of my happiness. Even when I’m pregnant, I will still be on location. That is just it; in essence marriage cannot make me quit acting

Which of your male celebrate colleagues do you have a crush on?

I love John Dumelo; he is dark and cute. In my mind, I have married him over and over again. He is my prefect kind of guy. In fact he is my every day crush.

So you can marry a non-Nigerian?

I don’t do tribalism or have issues with inter-states or inter-country marriages, if Majid Michel was fair, I would have gone for him. He is also a very nice guy.  We have worked together in some movies. Majid is humble and encourages upcoming stars in every way he can.

When was your first kiss?

Well, it was when I was in boarding secondary school in Kwara State. It was a Muslim school. His name is Lai; a rich kid from a rich home. We didn’t really date, but you know (laughs). He gave me my first kiss.

How long can you stay without sex?

It depends. I can stay long without it.  I can stay 6 months without a man but I go dey do touching body oh (laughs). If my guy is not here or based abroad, I have no choice than to endure and do ‘self-help’.

Do you subscribe to sex toys?

I don’t do sex toys. Believe me, you won’t find any of those funny stuffs in my bedroom. I do my ‘touching body’ by myself. However, I don’t judge anybody that is helping herself with sex toys. I don’t take life too seriously. If you know whatever rocks your boat, do you it well; have fun, be happy. Life is too short to be a hypocrite.

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