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Our President’s three major areas of focus

Nosa Eweka

This piece puts a beamlight on the three major areas our President told us his administration was going to focus on when he assumed power, they are as follows:

Nigeria is far from a safe country today, should we really expect foreign investors to put their capital in a place that is not safe. How do we really expect to grow our tourism numbers if our country is not safe?

Look at what is going on in our country today, Nigerians are going into police stations and making the police hand suspects over to them. Thugs are chasing police officers out of police stations. Jungle justice is at an all time high, kidnappings have increased. Murders and assassinations are also on the rise.

Look at the massacre that occurred at a church in Anambra State a few weeks ago, we are yet to get the full details of what really happened and the outcome of the investigations. A catholic priest was killed in Imo state a few weeks ago, another killed in Lagos and herdsmen are killing people all over the country. Herdsmen have killed more Nigerians this year than Boko Haram and the federal government and our security agencies haven’t done anything tangible to address this menace.

Ritual killings is on the rise, gangs and secret cult members are terrorizing Nigeria. More than a few Nigerians have been slaughtered in Southern Kaduna and Boko Haram is still terrorizing the North East. We need to reform and reorganize our police force, the Nigerian police force is pitiful, incompetent, ineffective & inefficient.

The Economy:

The federal government and the National Assembly need to seriously take a look at the national bureau of statistics numbers for the second quarter that came out a few weeks ago. Agricultural revenues and output have declined in the last three quarters even with the government pumping billions into this sector. The only positive about the NBS report was the oil and gas sector, every other sector is in the negative or had very minimal growth.

14 states are insolvent, Lagos state generates more revenue internally than 31 states combined. The federal government gave bailouts to states yet a huge majority still owe salaries and pensions. There are still no great public schools or health care centers in our states and unemployment is still very high. If oil prices were to crash again or the Niger Delta militants decide to start destroying pipelines and reduce our oil production Nigeria will fall into another recession.

Nigeria is the largest producer or 2nd largest producer of oil on the Africa continent, our natural gas reserves is put at over 150 trillion cubic feet, we have millions of hectares of arable land, almost every mineral you can think of in commercial quantities and a population that is ready to work yet we are far behind countries with much less.

We have more natural resources and a higher GDP than the Netherlands, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, Qatar, Israel, Portugal, South Africa, Panama, Switzerland, Greece and North Korea yet all these countries have more cash on hand and are way more advanced and developed than Nigeria, what a shame.

Turning Nigeria into a developed nation is not difficult, we’ve just had alot of mentally immature individuals managing our economy and country since our independence in 1960. Nigeria has $30B cash on hand today while Apple
Inc. has over $250B cash on hand. Apple Inc. has 8 times more cash on hand than Nigeria the so called largest economy in Africa, this is so crazy to me.

Nigeria is indeed fantastically corrupt like our President said in London. We are still waiting on the President’s decision on the suspended SGF and NIA DG, our President has had the Vice President’s committee report for over a few weeks now. Are we really fighting corruption?

What are the Senate and House committees on finance, judiciary and intelligence doing to put pressure on the President? Our lawmakers should take a serious look at how congress in the United States is investigating President Trump, his campaign staffers and current members of his administration.

We have the Senate President who leads our law making organ and other senators who were governors collecting double emoluments, a clear violation of the constitution and the code of conduct bureau act. Our constitution is very clear on this, violators of this act lose their seats and are barred from holding public office for 10 years, yet nothing has been done to these senators.

Have we really started with the war against corruption in Nigeria? There is a court judgement ordering the federal government to release the names of individuals who have returned our stolen loot. The Attorney General has said publicly that this court directive will be followed. Its been months, we are yet to see the list of people who stole our funds. The Minister of information said recently that the federal government have to respect the privacy of looters, this is annoying and beyond comical to me and another clear violation of a court order.

How are we going to deter government officials from looting or corrupt acts if they know they can steal or loot our funds, make deals with the government and never spend time in prison? How are we going to deter Nigerians from stealing, looting or corrupt acts when Nigerians clearly see that corrupt public officials, civil servants and government contractors never get to serve any prison time and our government tells us they are fighting corruption.
Former President Lula of Brazil was tried, convicted and sentenced to almost 10 years in prison for corruption. Former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra of Thailand was sentenced to 5 years in prison after a Thailand court found her guilty of negligence over a rice subsidy scheme her government set up to help farmers. South Korea’s former president Park Geun-Hye was impeached and is on trial for corruption and abuse of power. Family members of the Philippines President are being investigated for possibly being involved in the illegal drug business. Do you think we are fighting corruption in Nigeria?

We have immediate past government officials who have looted our funds relaxing outside our shores, no moves or pressure to get them extradited to face the law. EFCC keeps making a public show that they have secured so many convictions this year, EFCC have only been able to secure convictions when it comes to petty fraudsters and internet scammers.

Our Attorney General and the EFCC have refused to prosecute bank executives that have violated our money laundering laws or the EFCC act. Bank executives that hid illicit funds for Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke and a bunch of other individuals should be prosecuted and the banks where illicit funds are stashed should be heavily fined. Our Attorney General is letting corrupt bank officials off the hook with no punishment. In Nigeria, corrupt bank executives and corrupt politicians never get to spend time in jail, this is a fact.

Asking our courts for forfeiture of funds hidden by banks is not enough, corrupt public officials, civil servants, government contractors and bank officials have to be properly investigated, tried, convicted and sent to prison.

These are three main areas our President told us his adminstration was going to focus on, do you think we are moving in the right direction? I have given you facts, it’s up to you to answer the question.

Nigerians should demand that all our leaders detest corruption, obey the law and uphold the constitution always, no excuses. Our leaders have to be mentally mature and innovative, they have to use our vast resources to generate incredible revenue and turn Nigeria into a developed and safe country. Finally, we have to let our voices vibrate and hold our leaders accountable when they violate our laws and the constitution they swore to uphold.


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  1. Odin Odin October 12, 2017

    I love this article. It’s crystal clear, the points you stressed out. I agree with you completely

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