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My presidential ambition is to lead Nigeria to promised land -Femi Babalola

Businessman and philanthropist, Femi Babalola has purchased the Expression Of Interest And Nomination form of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), ahead of the 2019 general election, saying his party has gained trust of the people to lead the nation to the promise land.

Babalola in a statement by his media officer, Mercy Ayo-Oloye has filled and submitted the documents after meeting all requirements of the party.

Babalola expressed confidence in his ability of clinching the party’s ticket and facing President Muhammadu Buhari in the general election.
He described the ADC has a credible alternative political vehicle, capable of moving the nation forward.

“The ADC is the third force that is morally conscripted to offer Nigerians an escape route from the failed promises of the status quo and the party that connects across Nigeria today, most movements and people who believe that we must depart from the worn out system of mediocrity and corruption; which the APC and PDP represent.

Babalola said that a country cannot run successfully without a defined system, saying the government is owing Nigerian youths and this is the time to pay the debt.

“My presidency will activate more than six geopolitical zones that will bring even development to every part of the country.

“One of the pivotal programmes of my administration will be industrialisation of every part of Nigeria and the creation of several millionaires in every local government area in the country. Nigeria has more than enough resources to sustain these visions,” he said.

Babalola had earlier declared his intention to contest the 2019 Nigerian Presidential election, saying governance in the country needs creative and fresh ideas to deliver the country from its current woes.

He noted that challenges facing the country are not rocket science, but lack of sincere political will has kept the country in its present situation.

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