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    The Bnai Ephraim are different from other Nigerian Israelite groups in that they live among the Yoruba rather than the Igbo people.The Bnai Ephraim (“Children of Ephraim”) of Nigeria numbered in 1930 about 2000 people in 400 families in 20 small villages in the Ondo district of southwestern Nigeria. According to their traditions, they came to Nigeria by way of Morocco sometime in the 16th century after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Their language is a mixture of Moroccan Arabic with Yoruba, but with bits of Aramaic, such as ima for “mother.” In their aspect and most of their customs they cannot be distinguished from their Yoruba neighbors, but the Yoruba call them Emo Yo Quaim – the “Strange People.” They call themselves Bnai Ephraim and keep copies of portions of the Torah in their sanctuaries unlike the other African Israelite community in Nigeria, among the Igbo, who practiced a form of Ancient Hebraic way of life without torah. The Bnai Ephraim are unique in being among the Yoruba.

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