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Police nabs medical doctor for Cybercrime

….Nigerian banks are not secured online,  it is easy to hack accounts – suspect reveals

Joy Anyim

A medical doctor and a professional hacker Micheal Williams who specializes in generating fake bank alerts to buy assorted vehicles and divert online fund transfers have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

The 28 year old suspect who hails from Delta State claimed he learnt how to hack when he relocated to Canada.  He alleged his roommate who is from  Israel had taught him the Act.

The Commissioner of Police,  CP Imohimi Edgal  who paraded the suspect at the Lagos Command Headquarters in Ikeja claimed his office had received a complaint that there exists a syndicate that goes to car shops,  buys a car,  configures a computer program that would send a fake payment alert to the seller and by so doing,  obtains a car under false pretenses.

He disclosed that one Abidogun Adewale whose car shop played host to the leader of the syndicate  had lodged a complain. The leader, Williams had  bought a Porsche car at a whopping price of N28 Million  and also generate the fake bank alert at four different payments made for the vehicle.

Edgal said,  ” After he had bought the vehicle,  he thereafter requested for the seller’s bank account number and made it look like he had paid him via the fake alert to his phone using HTTP tunnel. com.

” The suspect drove the car away unknown to the seller that he had been scammed. Adewale had only discovered when he went to the bank to obtain his bank statement weeks after.

“However,  based on his complaint,  a manhunt was launched on the fleeing suspect.  The command availed detectives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad all necessary Intelligence asset which led to the arrest of the suspect in Lekki Lagos.

” This suspect was interrogated and he confessed to committing the crime.  He also led detectives to Asaba,  Delta State where the stolen Porsche car was recovered.  He also led detectives to Owerri,  Imo State where two Camry Saloon cars he stole in a similar fashion were recovered.

“The modus operandi of the suspect who has a good mastery of cyber environment is that he creates a credit card,  through cyber ghost 12. When the credit card matures,  it is then funded through a hacked Swiss account.  Any transaction anybody is doing through Swiss account the suspect manipulates such and wire the fund to his contrived credit card.  This is possible with the aid of cyber ghost 12 HTTP/tunnel.azinytv4/vpn (virtual private network).

“He further stated that through the credit card,  one can buy softwares he needs to work and protect his job so that he cannot be traced.  Such softwares are known as von and word cyber protector for example Dare Devil.

It also enables you to do deductions and transactions per dollar from every individual domicillary account, shutting of CCTV camera on Dare Devil and break the 256 codes on word CCTV.china.north Korea.code,

” This enables him to shut down any working system of his interest on yt. com an Internet sophistication for example youtube/Facebook to make them unworkable for 67 minutes.  Although he is not a computer scientist,  he claimed to be a professional hacker.”

Making confessional statement at the command headquarters, Williams said he had relocated to Canada after the hospitals where he worked had frustrated him.

In his words,  ” I was pushed out of work so I got a visa to travel to Canada.  I worked at Tolu medical centre and  EKO hospital.  It is just that in Nigeria,  when they see you are good at something,  they just look for a way to push you out.  I  travelled to Canada to get a job to do or something to do.

”  When I got to Canad,  I was living with an Israel guy who had an accommodation there. He taught me all I need to know in hacking. It is about software made easy online.  So when you are a hacker, you buy the software online,  it is very easy. I get money online and not from individuals in Nigeria. It is a free world online.

” I came back to Nigeria because our banks are not secured.  You can easily hack accounts online.  Creating a credit card,  you get old credit card online,  create them wait for a day monitor your emails and wait for when transactions are coming in on the Swiss code transaction.

”  I don’t have an idea of how much I have made.   Anybody making a one million Dollar or two million Dollar transaction or one billion Dollar,  then you divert it online.  Then you secure your securities,  then you fund it on your credit card.  After funding it on your credit card,  then you can use your credit card to buy any kind of powerful software you want and anything buyable online.

“You monitor celebrities,  movie producer and actresses in the USA.  John Travolta an actor based in USA he does transfers every week.  I hacked into his Swiss code account.  Banks in Nigeria are not like banks abroad.”

He faulted Nigerian banks for their inability to secure themselves online. “In Nigeria you can sit and hack any account but abroad it is only through the Swiss account because the money is much .  Nigerian bank don’t have professional hackers to secure them online.  They are not secured so I can easily hack into their account. When you are online,  you can do whatever you want to do.  I don’t have an account because you can easily be caught so I just do credit cards.  You get old credit card”

The Commissioner of Police said the suspect would be charged to court soon.

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