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Plateau 2019 Guber: John Pofi The Right Man For The Job

With the conclusion of the party governorship primaries across the country and the emergence of candidates for the position of governor from all the political parties, one state that will attract interest of Nigerians is no other than Plateau state where a lot have happened over the past years that have triggered the need for a paradigm shift in governance of the state.

The violence that has engulfed this once peaceful, bubbling and melting pot state of the federation in the recent past has not sold the state well considering that it is the state with a huge potential for tourism development in the country.

Since 1999 till date, two parties have ruled the state and has not done well to better the lots of the people of the state in general. This is because of the lack of a clear cut vision to make the state better.

This scenario has been made worse in the past three and half years where a most ineffective and inefficient government has held sway in the state leading to loss of innocent lives and destruction of hard earned properties.

It is for this reason that the home of peace and tourism in the country is craving for a better governor with the best quality of governance come 2019 a person that can better the lots of the state and make it regain its lost glory as a peaceful and tourism active state.

When the news of the emergence of John Pofi as the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party SDP a party that has espoused the values of social justice and progress was made known, the joy that greeted his emergence across the length and breadth of the state cannot not be overemphasised.

This is because the people see in him a personality that has all it takes to turn the fortunes of the state around for the better.

The people are no longer interested in the political party at this point in time. What they want is the best candidate available who can remain committed to what he has promised to do for the people.

This is the kind of candidate that John Pofi is. He has promised to tackle the issue of education, insecurity that has pervaded the state, improvement in health care delivery, improvement of the economy through industrialisation, improvement in tourism in the state as well as engineer the growth and progress of other sectors of state that has drastically retrogressed over the years.

People who know this man of God that has touched the lives of the people in so many ways trust him to deliver on his promises and change the narrative of ill governance in the state.

The word of God says that when the righteous rules, the people rejoice. John Pofi’s governorship in the state will reflect this aspect of the Bible and the people will surely get the reward of having belief in him and the SDP.

As Plateau people, we owe it as a duty to do the needful by ensuring that we do not allow ourselves to be deceived again. We have an obligation to choose the best candidate available and John Pofi is that candidate.

If we make the mistake not to do the needful, our state will be taken back in a way that our children will find it difficult to forgive us for not heeding this advice.

This is our chance and we must seize it and not fail. Plateau is our state and we fervently hope and pray that a situation whereby military officers will just wake up any day to terrorise our people will not be allowed by a governor that has the people at heart as John Pofi will do when elected into office.

He will do it no matter the challenges because he is a man that keeps to his words. I know him well and trust him not to fail the people and we must all join hands to send those who have failed the state using the guise of party politics back to where they belong which is the dustbin of history.

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