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Piers Morgan Says He Knew Lupita's Dress Was Fake

The whole world got to discover that Lupita  Nyong ‘o”s stolen “pearl” dress was fake after the thief reveled it. Now popular British journalist and former CNN anchor, Piers Morgan is claiming that he knew the dress was fake from the onset as soon as he saw it on the  Oscar night.

I am absolutely shocked that something in Hollywood isn’t quite what it seems it is,” Piers told TMZ,.  “I actually saw Lupita at the Vanity Fair party in her dress and I could tell with my expert eyes that those weren’t actual pearls but I didn’t want to kill the magic of Hollywood,”

However, Morgan agreed that Lupita looked beautiful on the dress making it so hard for anyone to know they were merely fake pearls.  This is very shameful. She wouldn’t have claimed that the dress was made of real pearls if it wasn’t .

Now this would forever be a sting on her image. She was one of the few Africans to break into the American movie industry successfully. Well, we guess she never knew it will get stolen.

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