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Pencil’s Corner with Omenesa

It weighed heavy on my heart to visit Daddy today. I will be leaving back to my humble abode soon, so I need to spend as much time as I can with him. Mom made me promise that I will never leave him. I may be in far away New York, but I have never left him.

Video calls have come in handy as well as the weekly seed I send to him. It breaks my heart that daddy is now a widower, and to make matters worse, he is retired. He has refused to marry again.

He always says,” I did it once and that was it. He stares at mom’s picture every day. Soon he will be with me in New York, but for now he still has unfinished business in Nigeria, so we take it in stride.

My desire to hug daddy today was so strong, that as tired as I was, I dragged myself to his house. When I got there, he’s caregiver called to tell me that they were out taking a walk.

I walked towards their direction. As soon as he saw me, we gave each other a tight hug, one would have thought it was the last we would ever see each other. He uttered, “I love you baby. You are my life “.

He usually cries when he makes this statement, but he was stronger today and obviously happy. He told me that he cried earlier missing mom, and told me how eager he is to visit her grave.

It must really be painful to have lived with someone for 44 years, to suddenly living alone, in your old age. That must be a scary reality.

I obeyed the urge to take a ride to visit dad today. He was like a child. He was so excited. We sat down in his parlor watching movies, as he kept saying, “I love you baby.” I made sure his blood pressure was taken before I left and I gave him over 15 kisses. He eventually said, “It’s enough”.

I am in my mid 30’s but I will forever be a daddy’s girl. This is my time to give him back all that he gave me.

Not necessarily money, but love and affection. It is a parent’s love that sees a child through. It is my love that will see Daddy through. #OMENESA

I came to Nigeria to shoot a Nollywood movie, and attempted to take out my braids. While the lady was loosening it, I kept telling her to take it easy. She kept yanking and pulling.

Her son came to assist her, and he did worse than she did. I couldn’t believe how tough they were with my strands. My surprise was how I was so protective of my hair.

Once upon a time, I didn’t have enough self love to take care of the temple that God lives in, which is my body.

I was so reckless, and I would have cuts almost every day, from my arms to my foot to picking pimples off my face. I didn’t have tenderness for my body.

Because I have been practicing self love lately, I was able to notice that my hair was not being pampered with love. It was being mishandled. My ability to notice this was truly a miracle.

The hair on our head, the complexion of our skin and the limbs and bones we have, should all be handled with care. We are to caress the skin we were given. We are to take care of ourselves, not only because God lives in us, but because we are the light of the world.

Light must shine right? Right! So these days, I don’t allow the hair dresser comb my hair, I comb it myself. I grease it with rich oils. I wrap it in a silk scarf at night. I weave and twist it with jealousy.

I am fully aware that it is a blessing to have hair, and I seldom use extensions. The same goes for my skin. Only nature goes on it. No chemicals. I am very particular about who and what I allow into my space.

The same way people protect their homes and may not even allow you come visit, is the same way I try my best to choose who will braid my hair. Now this is not from the stand point of a juju or witch doctor touching my scalp for sacrifice. Nah!

I have just found that it is wise to test the spirits that you allow in your space. Your space will include you home, your emotions, and yes your hair, even your masseuse. Don’t you know that God lives on the inside of you? Selah! #OMENESA