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PDP will retain Bauchi despite internal squabbles


Director General, Jona­than Campaign Organisation in Bauchi State, Alhaji Bala A. Mai’auduga in this interview with DANIEL JOLLY speaks on why PDP will retain power in the state despite alleged division in the campaign team between PDP leaders in Bauchi and those in Abuja. Excerpts:



Some PDP leaders in the state are said to be working against the party, what do you say about that?

I don’t share in the sentiments being canvassed. But the actual truth of the matter is that initial­ly, we decided to work together as a team under the arrange­ment approved by the National Leadership of PDP. We formed campaign council that comprises respected indigenes of Bauchi State like Governor Isa Yuguda as the leader, Alhaji Umaru Da­hiru Baraden Bauchi, Alhaji Sa­nusi Mai’jama’a and many other respected personalities. The team was the one approved to cam­paign for all PDP candidates un­der one single structure without division, but we noticed problems when Abuja politicians refused to join the campaign organisation. Instead of working together as one family, they opened a parallel campaign organisation. Despite all the support we received from President Goodluck Jonathan to carry out successful campaigns in the state to deliver the state to PDP, the Abuja politicians were working to sabotage our efforts and draw us back. Their actions led to the problems we had during PDP Presidential campaign visit to Bauchi. Even though we know their strength, all of them became what they are today because of the support giving to them by the leader of the State campaign, Mallam Isa Yuguda, who became the icon and Godfather of Bauchi politics.


Don’t you think the differ­ences between the PDP leaders may mar the chances of the party in the 2015 General elec­tions in the state?

We are conducting our cam­paign according to plan success­fully, under the leadership of State campaign council headed by the governor. Even though we have challenges here and there, but despite all odds, we are mak­ing progress because Bauchi Peo­ple had accepted our words they are ready to vote for the PDP can­didates in all the Places we went after that Governor Yuguda met with all Stake holders campaign to them and show them the im­portance of voting for PDP can­didates and people agreed with him, going back to your question it will not be healthy for us to go under different family since unity itself is strength, for Abuja politicians who always sabotage our effort.

We know their strength and capabilities, we know their an­tecedents, none of them could match the leader of the party because of his experience, gener­osity and performance by which we believe, going by our plan on ground, we will deliver the state to PDP. But our major problem is that we don’t want them to hide under the cover of our success stories to claim victory, if they don’t want to join us they should remain in Abuja and allow us to take the credit that we deliv­ered the state to PDP in the forth coming elections. Many of them are from Bauchi South, none of them came out for campaign with us, they didn’t encourage or canvasses support for people to vote for PDP candidate, they didn’t support us even in words, that was the reason why we said they should remain in Abuja. If they cannot join us, they should leave us to deliver the state, if they failed to do so, we will be left with no option but to ask the party to reprimand them and to take disciplinary action against them because we will not tolerate or accommodate parallel Organ­isation. And I assure you with or without them we will deliver the State to PDP. Our leader has done it before, remember what hap­pened in 2007, they denied him a ticket, he joined opposition party and delivered the state. Even in 2011 general elections the Abuja, politicians sabotaged him but still he emerged victorious. Poli­tics is a game of numbers and Yu­guda is the man with the People of Bauchi State. Even now, they did not give us even a single post­er to campaign for Mr. President and other PDP candidates, but we will still deliver the state to PDP.


Jona­than Campaign Organisation


We heard from some quar­ters that Vice President Na­madi Sambo has made effort to reconcile the leaders after the visit of President Jonathan?

Yes and we are very grateful to Mr. President for his support and juicy appointments he gave to Bauchi State Indigenes. And we are grateful to the vice President’s quick intervention, even though the reconciliatory effort is yet to be concluded. We support any peaceful initiative that will lead to the success of the party in the state, and we pray that President Goodluck Jonathan himself will do more and call them to order for the success of PDP in the forth­coming polls.


After the PDP governorship primary, some leaders of the party were angry with the emergence of Awwal Jatau as the governorship candidate believing that , the candidates that contested with him were far better like Dr Ali Pate, Yay­alle, Hammayo Abdul Ningi Adamu Gumba and many oth­ers?

In Politics, we know it’s the al­mighty Allah who gives power to whoever he wants, but in Bauchi, we thank almighty Allah that after the Primary election, Gov­ernor Yuguda as the leader of the party reconciled with all the people and unite them together, even though some of the people you have mentioned like Yayalle, Hammayo and Abdul Ningi indi­cated their interest to contest but they voluntarily withdrew from the race before the party prima­ries, Ningi is now contesting Bauchi Central Senatorial seat, Yayalle and Hammayo were not contesting anything but Ham­mayo, Adamu Gumba, Bappah Azare and Babayo Gamawa par­ticipated in our campaign we go out together we have reconciled with them and they are support­ing us, we don’t have problems with the aspirants that contested the primary with the governor­ship candidate.

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