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PDP has solution to Nigeria’s woes, not coalition, says Lamido

Former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) remains the only party that can take the country out of its current woes and reposition it towards attaining its potentials rather than a coalition of parties.


Lamido, who is a presidential aspirant on the platform of the PDP disclosed this in Lagos on Thursday during a media chat after meeting with the party leaders in the state at the PDP secretariat along Adekunle Fajuyi way, Ikeja, stressing that Nigerians have realised that the APC was a party of lies, blackmail and failed promises.


He said the PDP was able to fix the country during the few years it was in power, stressing that it could have achieved more success if Nigerians had given the party more time.


Lamido, said the solution to Nigeria’s problems was not with any coalition of third forces, but with the PDP, stressing that the country had retrogressed and stagnated under the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration which should be voted out.


He accused the current administration of failing to protect Nigerians, stressing that the administration had tolerated impunity by failing to checkmate the herdsmen killing in the country.


“Let me commend Nigerians, but we don’t believe in ourselves, in our history PDP came in 1999 and they restored the country, often it would take some time for the country to grow as a nation but in Nigeria we believe in quick fix and that is why we run to APC and they have failed we have to be patient.


“What are we going to do now that APC have failed us? APC came to power in a form of blackmail, lies, they played on emotions of Nigerians, and they are saying they are the solution, the solution is not any third force but with PDP it is the party that can move us forward.


“There is no way the APC can rule us again, look at the country, we are not progressing, we are going back ward, we are not prosperous, PDP would regain power in 2019, and look at our peers from other countries, where are they now? Buhari took us back and he is talking of hate speech.”


He dismissed insinuations that the PDP was in crisis, noting that the party was better positioned after the last national convention to face the future and regain power from the APC.


“After the convention I have not seen a more transparent leadership in PDP, that because you lose does not mean the party has failed, you have to accept, failing is part of politics and why is it that when someone lose you say that.


“What is happening now is impunity and embarrassing, because you stage-managed the kidnap and rescue of the girls on time means PDP has failed? Does it mean we are now in a competition?


“The President went to Yobe and when he was there Airforce was guiding him and the same Yobe is where they are killing people and some girls were kidnapped. PDP is the way forward; the primary purpose of any government is to provide security, by even allowing this kidnap to happen they have failed.”

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