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PDP presidential primary contestant seeks cancellation of result

One of the contenders in the last Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential primaries for the 2019 election, Mr Osifo Stanley has called for the nullification of the party’s Convention, claiming it was fraught with lots of irregularities, threatening that he would take legal action if nothing drastic is done to redress the ill treatment meted out on him.

Osifo who made the call at a Press briefing held in Lagos to state his grievance, over what he described as the faulty procedure of the convention, alleging that he was denied opportunity to participate.

He said that he had notified the party stakeholders at every instance of his aspiration, even till he purchased the expression of interest and nomination form, but was taken aback when at the point of screening the aspirants he was rather asked to withdraw.

According to Osifo, the Port Harcourt convention should be nullified because it was premised on a faulty basis.
“The treatment meted out to me is unfair, unjust, demeaning, degrading and not the kind you give to an individual running for a lesser office let alone the number one office in the land.

“I know I am from the South and I have heard them say it is zoned to the North, but that does not stop anyone that has purchased the form from contesting and if the party knows that you have zoned it to the North you should not have sold the forms to those from the other side.

“On the 24th of September was our screening, I got the invitation to come around, other aspirants went in for screening, I went as well but at the point it was my turn to be screened I was rather told to withdraw from the presidential race.

“I demand that the convention should be nullified and declared null and void including the election itself because the processes that led to the convention itself was fraught with irregularities.
“So when you have a process with a faulty foundation whatever structure you put on it is as well not going to be strong,” Osifo said

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