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How PDP looters funded Buhari’s 2015 campaign– Senators, Reps

Peoples Democratic Party members at the National Assembly have hit back at President Muhammadu Buhari over his comment that looters would not return to power in 2019.

The President, in a veiled reference to the PDP, was quoted to have made the statement on Thursday, at an interactive session with community leaders and stakeholders in Kano.

He had said, “Those who ruled Nigeria without vision and looted the nation’s treasury are the same people boasting that they will displace the APC government and return to office.

“We will wait and see, if they think Nigerians are ignorant. They have the guts to declare their intention to reclaim office.”

But the PDP caucus in the House of Representatives, on Saturday, stated that Buhari was a major beneficiary of funds allegedly looted by PDP leaders.

The Deputy Minority Whip of the House, Mrs. Binta Bello, who spoke for the caucus, summed up the views of the PDP, saying that Buhari should rather apologise to Nigerians “for being unable to fulfil his campaign promises”, instead of attacking the PDP.

Bello recalled that in all his previous outings before 2015, Buhari was unable to win the Presidency because he never had a robust campaign.

She said, “He (Buhari) has the right to attack us and we have the right to criticise him too by telling him the truth. That is the beauty of democracy.

“The people he now calls looters were the same people who funded his campaign in 2015.

“His campaign in 2015 was different from his campaign in previous years. In 2015, he had all the money to spend. The looters, who left the PDP, gave him the money. Why didn’t he reject it or tell Nigerians how he raised the campaign money?

Also, Senator Obinna Ogba (Ebonyi-Central), said the alleged corruption under the current administration is the reason why “APC is losing everywhere now.”

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