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PDP Is Planning To Create Problems In Rivers- APC


The Rivers state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has faulted claims by the state chapter of Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) that it is working in partnership with the state Rivers State Police command and the Israeli trained anti-terror unit known as C4I. The APC also added that, they are not conspiring to abduct and assassinate PDP leaders and members.

APC stated that it is rather the PDP that is planning to create problems by unleashing mayhem in Rivers.

APC in a statement signed by its state publicity secretary, Mr. Chris Finebone, said that it cannot even imagine that the party and the Nigeria Police and other security organizations would attempt what the PDP is charging.

Finebone said that such can only be possible between the PDP and any unscrupulous federal agency as Nigerians have come to experience under the President Goodluck Jonathan administration recently.

APC said it is important to remind the PDP in Rivers state that its constant obsession with such heinous acts in their baseless accusations against the party simply explains the kind of things that occupy the mind of PDP members, something that is very glaring in the mien, body language and carriage of its leaders especially its governorship candidate, Nyesom Wike and Chairman, Felix Obuah, Evans Bipi and others.

APC tasked the PDP to approach the various federal government controlled security agencies with the facts of its findings for proper investigation to ascertain the veracity of their claims.

APC however said, it is convinced that such will not happen as it believes that the totality of the accusation by the PDP is “frivolous, baseless, offensive, mischievous and manifestly mendacious”.

The party said while the APC would not like to be dragged into analysing matters of security with every passer-by, it makes bold to state that the history of the C4I speaks for itself, especially as a creation that was midwifed by the Nigeria Police Force with resource support from the Rivers State Government with a view to providing security for lives and property of Rivers people and residents.

The APC said it suspects that this latest onslaught by the PDP to discredit the C4I is a strategic plot to get the unit out of the way in order for the PDP to unleash their well-planned orgy of assassinations, kidnappings, murders, armed robberies amongst other grievous crimes on members of the APC and innocent people and residents of Rivers State.

“We are already in the know that yesterday’s press conference where the PDP unveiled its mischievous allegations is part of the template authorised for it by their grandmasters in Abuja in order to create an enabling ground to clamp down on the C4I and the Rivers State Police Command to enable the PDP in Rivers State have a security open cheque for the forthcoming elections.”

“We call on all Nigerians of good will, local and international observers, the Inspector-General of Police, the Director-General of the Department of State Security [DSS] and other security agencies to be carefully watchful that they are not goaded into taking actions that directly or indirectly conflicts with their duties and responsibilities in the Nigerian Constitution which they swore to uphold and abide by”.

APC further reminded PDP that this phase shall soon pass away but Nigeria shall continue to remain.

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