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PDP chieftain defects with supporters to APC in Kwara

The former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), opposition party chieftain has defected with about 20,000 supporters to the All Progressive Party (APC), saying the PDP has deviated from its ideology, hence the need to move to the APC.

He added that the recent defection of Saraki to the PDP is part of the reasons why he dumped the party

A chieftain of the PDP, in Kwara, Sunday Babalola on Tuesday, defected to the APC, alongside 20,000 of his supporters.

Babalola, a governorship aspirant in 2015 on the platform of the PDP announced his defection in a statement issued in Ilorin, to Daily Times.

He said his perception about politics has been people-oriented, and the PDP has deviated from such ideology, hence the need to move to the APC.

“As it is, our dear state needs urgent liberation from the over 45 years of deceit, oppression and primordial politics called ‘stomach infrastructure’

“It is time for our people to be liberated from those that have held them hostage and have over the years subjected them to abject poverty and underdevelopment,” Babalola said.

He said it is the duty of government to advance the well-being of the citizens through the provision of infrastructure and amenities, human capital development and creating an environment conducive for businesses.

“I believe strongly that my state, Kwara, has been sadly and regrettably bedevilled with unprecedented underdevelopment occasioned by inappropriate policies, programmes and with little or no project executed,” he added.

He alleged that successive governments in the state have mismanaged its resources and said the APC presents a better alternative to place the state on the path of development in 2019.

Babalola said that the return of the Senate president Bukola Saraki and others to the PDP was one major reason behind his exit, adding that the party lacks integrity.

“I cannot be in the same political party with those I believe have plunged Kwara State into its current abysmal condition.

“So, I have decided to pitch my tent with the APC, which I believe still have some integrity in it,” he said.

Babalola said he has no ambition to contest in 2019, but only joined forces with people of like mind to rescue the state from “the shackles of poverty and oppression.”

He, however, promised to continue to offer his service and resources for the emancipation of the people.

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