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Party Girl Rules

Style your hair for dancing and make sure that your makeup stays looking as good as it did when you first arrived. Some makeup tips: before you apply lipstick, color your entire lips with lip liner; wear lip gloss over your lipstick; prep your skin using a primer before you apply makeup; use oil blotting sheets throughout the night to minimize shine; and keep your party makeup on all night long by setting your makeup with atomized water.


Wear a stylish crossbody bag, so that you don’t have to dance around your bag on the dance floor.

Party before the party. Get yourself in high spirits before you arrive. Hang out with a handful of close friends pre-party or put your favorite music on, turn the volume up, sing along and dance, dance, dance.


Don’t worry about meeting anyone – a potential suitor, an ex or your worst enemy. Dress to kill and smile. Have fun and take no notice of haters, jealous and negative people.

Keep an eye on your drinks. Know your limit. Alcohol is dangerous when it is used irresponsibly. Never let your drink go out of sight. If it does, don’t drink it. Buy another drink from the bar, in a fresh new glass. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Drink at your own pace and don’t let anyone top up your glass until your glass is empty.

Don’t walk home alone after a party. Keep yourself safe. Plan your exit strategy and organize a reliable mode of transportation well before the night kicks off.


Detox after each night out. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid salt, sugar and alcohol. Start the day with a big mug of hot water and a few slices of lemon to flush out toxins in the body. Eat healthy. The more fruits and vegetables, the better. Take your vitamin supplements to replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals and to restore your energy levels.


Be sure to take off all your makeup before you crash into bed. Sleeping with your makeup will prevent your skin from breathing, which will interfere with the skin healing itself and regenerating tissue. Makeup will clog pores, leading to bacteria build up, causing skin to breakout.





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