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Our mission is to restore hope to entire people of Ogun -Adebutu

Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogun State, Hon Adebutu Oladipupo has come out clear on his mission in the state if elected the next governor of the “Gateway State”. In an exclusive interaction with AJIBADE ALABI recently in Abeokuta, the member, House of Representatives who represents Ikenne/Shagamu/Remo North Federal Constituency of Ogun State said that creating jobs through agriculture will be one of the major things he will do to make Ogun State grown again
How can you describe the people of the state you are aspring to govern here in Ogun State? A look into the society is a clear picture of loss of hope. And people needed to rekindle that hope. And that is exactly what my government will be coming to do, rekindle people’s hope is what we intend to do, that is a feeling of a well to do government How do you intend to do it? Don’t forget that I am an entrepreneur even though I am also a politician. So my being an entrepreneur will add value to my input. And as an established and successful entrepreneur I can categorically tell anybody that cares to listen that the business atmosphere here in Ogun State is harsh Harsh, how?
Why? I will tell you. One, multiple taxation and levies is much here in Ogun State. In this kind of situation one thing to do is that you must rekindle the hope of the people. How do you do this, it is by creating enabling environment for businesses to prosper, jobs to be created as a whole. We must creat an enabling environment. We must make it easy for people to invest in the state. We must take bureaucracy out of the process. We must respect the opinion of the people
If you want to do a business in ogun State you must not be taxed beyond what will send jitters through your spine, investors must be encouraged and not be discouraged. The end part of this is that we will create a lot of jobs, our community today is in pity. You see youths marauding all over the place aimlessly without purpose we must create job
Then secondly, conflicting bureaucracy which I have just spoken about, all these abnormalities can be corrected by the vision of Ladi Adedibu 2019 which we are preaching about. But mind you this vision is not all about Ladi but about the people of Ogun State as a whole.
* You talk of your Adedibu 2019 vision, if you are voted in as the next governor of Ogun State later this year. What are the things you intend to do to make the vision a reality and not a mirage?
I think for any country or even a state food is very, very important, and that is why I will concentrate more on agriculture, and if that is the case that means there would be job creation don’t forget that it is people that we will need to do this agriculture job, we are talking about. So in essence we are doing two things through one source agriculture through job creation. We will also make sure there is electricity distribution in the state through provision and repair of transformers; precisely I have given out well over 150 transformers to communities. We must look into how electricity is distributed in the state. Electricity has a long way to go in the state economy. We have welders, barbers, hairdressers and so many people who depend on electricity for their daily job. And if you must know we spend a lot on generator. So what we intend to do is to create an enabling environment for our people so their businesses can grow.
You want to reflect change on people how do you work with the people to buy into your vision?
Very simple, like I said earlier we will work out a modality that will create jobs for people and also make sure the tax is not killing on people. If you observe very well, an average person on the street is annoyed with the tax he or she is paying and we don’t want it to look as if you are quarrelling with government. We will also have vocational schools and they would be empowered to strengthen the life and future of the youths instead of employing foreign nationals as artisans like plumbing, fishing etc. Finally we will make a change that will make people happy and not the other way round But what if your plan is different from that of the House of Assembly?
Don’t forget that I started my political career as a member of the House of Assembly here in Ogun State. So I can tell you I have seen the governance from the grassroots.

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