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When Otunba Jaiyeosimi dances to Penicure music in South Africa

Otunba Jaiyeosimi a reputable socialite among the elites South Africa was at his very best at Luli Hotel when the respected chief dances to the music of Love Idris Adisa.

The day did not however go just like that Love Idris Adisa Penicure who is back to the country and shared his 10-daySouth Africa’s experience with Daily Times took time to speak on the controversial issue on who created Fuji “I was in South Africa to launch my new album untitled “Advise” to my fans, and also celebrate my golden age birthday.

I was in Sunnyside Coolspot, Luli Hotel for concert Otunba Jaiyeosimi and Baba Oja hosted me”. Adisa Penicure hinted us further that he left South Africa for Cape Town to work for TJ as he really got lots of support from Nigerian in Diaspora. While speaking on issues in Fuji Kingdom, this unique and sensible talented act nullified K1’s claim that the Late Barrister was not the originator of Fuji.

In his word, “Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde K1 was nurtured into limelight by the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister as he K1 also nurture him (Penicure) to some extent, he said he’s not ready to join any controversial issue but all he knows is that Alhaji Barrister of blessed memory, Alhaji Killington Ayinla, K1 himself are all his seniors and all he’s interested in is that the industry should be united and move on for better.

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