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Otunba David Adeniyi Kasunmu a.k.a Aleshiloye joins octogenarian club Set for elaborate celebration

Isaac Oguntoye

It is not a child s play to get to the class of 80 , the octogenarian club, and so come next weekend in Ilisan Ogun state, drums and instruments will roll on when Otunba David Adeniyi Kasunmu will drag who is who in society at large to the sleepy town to celebrate his life at 80 with his children, grandchildren and great grand children

“To be 80years is a by the grace of God, some of my colleagues and childhood friends have all gone I can always thank God. I want t to celebrate my birthday elaborately as against the wish of my children who are not in support of me celebrating it big. I told them 80 years is a milestone is someone s life It is time to thank God and I want to celebrate it to the fullest, because I don t know what tomorrow has in stock for me.

Speaking further on the forthcoming birthday that is stated for septmber 1st, 2018, the poultry  farmer of more than 40 years, whose children and grandchildren are all doing very well in their respective fields of profession hint that it will be nothing less than carnival “It will be great on that day; I can just wait for the day”

He however did not fail to revealed the secret of his long life, he said he doesn’t   believe in eating something or not eating something “all I know is eat moderately and eat more of vitamins and drink much water” he stated even as he claimed he had no regret at 80 “I am always focus, I don’t look back though one is bond to have challenges ahead but I remain focus”

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