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Ota and Environ: Amosun, Buhari, Please Note

We need not reiterate that the whole of Ado Odo Ota and its environs, in Ogun State, like most progressive sections of the country, went agog at the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) and Senator Ibikunle Amosun at the federal and state elections respectively in what some described as an “upset”, and ‘’a bumper-to-bumper” result.

The unique opportunity to control the centre which has for long eluded a party of the south­west ‘’origin’’ eventually came their way at the last election which elated both the young and the old of this ethnic extraction amongst others.

Ota residents too, are particu­larly happy that Senator Ibikunle Amosun who during his first term, launched an’’ infrastruc­tural revolution’’ in Ota and Ogun State generally, to the cha­grin of his political opponents, was re-elected for a second term.

Ota, also being an ancient town is naturally and strategically placed complementing Lagos in so many ways. Ota and its environs for so long has had to bear the brunt of the Lagos Com­mercial and Industrial spill-over, amongst others: housing and electricity needs, population ex­plosion, etc. and the aftermath of all these; such as crime, violence and others.

While we note with dismay, that Ogun State slogan is “the Gateway State” Is it not ironical that most of the roads are barely passable and not particularly motor-able. With these, ascribing the status of a gateway state is in fact laughable! Therefore, for Ogun State to live up to its bill­ing, concrete and decisive steps will have to be taken to ensure that our roads are not only good and motor-able, but will also en­dure. Our philosophy of “Ogun standard” must be critically guarded and well protected, so as not to be sacrificed for shabby and shoddy construction works on our roads and others as ob­served in most states.

In the light of the above, the time cannot be farther from now to rectify this age-long neglect. Therefore the President-Elect (GMB), most respected for endowed traits of sound leader­ship, fairness and equity and our Governor/Governor-Elect (SIA) “The Revolutionary Leader” should expedite action as a matter of urgency to the quick completion of the Tollgate axis in Ota; construction of standard tarred roads with drainages for the roads within Ota and envi­rons, to beautify the ancient and industrial town for which drain­ages are virtually absent for now; immediate expansion of Lagos-Abeokuta road to an 8-lane high­way to absorb the heavy traffic with necessary flyovers, round­about at pre-determined junc­tion namely Iyana Ipaja, Abule Egba, Toll Gate, Ifo, etc. Also, the immediate upgrade of Idiroko road to an international route to a deserved 10-lane highway, being the industrial hub of the state and with the necessary flyover at determined junctions such as the critical traffic point at Oju-ore, Atan, Iju, Owode, Idiroko, amongst others to resolve the traffic gridlock along this route; construction of a train route to decongest the heavy haulage vehicular movement of trailers away from the roads; completion of the Ota-Ijoko road to Ibadan expressway at Berger, Lagos, to ease traffic on Lagos-Abeokuta expressway; and immediate com­mencement and completion of the Iyana Iyesi to Osuke/Idimu and Ilasa via Iyesi Road as prom­ised by our able governor.

To close the gap, especially of the long years of neglect in devel­oping Ogun State, now more than ever, there is the dire need for a complete synergy between the centre and the state government for the rare opportunity that has just presented itself for the cen­tre and the state to be controlled by one and same party.

We congratulate you both for a well-deserved victory and wish you a successful tenure. Long lives Ado Odo Ota! Long lives Ogun State! Long lives Federal Republic of Nigeria!


  • Awoyemi is chairman, Ayelabola CDA, Iyesi Ota, Ogun State.


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