The many conspiracies against Jonathan


One essential fact of life is this: unless we treat others like humans we shall all likewise perish. Much of this is lost on those who run the affairs of nations from the anti-establishment, especially the western world, which still treats Africa like farmlands of sorts. In this context, Nigeria is still a British colony with a presumed welling of its ‘legit’ economic, social and political interests. This often involves colluding with locals to force regime change where such interests appear threatened. This is one certain way of putting in perspective the positions of some dissident actors who are colluding with their business and political partners in Nigeria to fund the All Progressives Congress (APC) into a franchise and platform to wrest power from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan by fair or foul means.

Those who were disappointed by President Barack Obama when he blocked Nigeria from buying arms to fight the Boko Haram insurgency now say there is more than meets the eye. To be fair to Obama and David Cameron of Britain, they may not be directly involved in plotting a regime change in Nigeria that would bypass democratic processes. But Obama especially cannot claim he does not know that his own presidential campaign handler David Axelrod has been in Nigeria for a year now, cleaning up the APC’s presidential candidate and developing and deploying propaganda packages for the APC to win the 2015 presidential poll at all costs.

To give him some credit, Axelrod has done a marvellous job and, unlike in the last three presidential elections, the PDP and President Jonathan can now ignore Muhammadu Buhari to their own peril.

Like when erstwhile British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, claimed that the ‘freedom for all’ declaration by the Unite Nations at the end of the Second World War, did not extend to blacks. America and Britain did not see anything wrong in as many 23 million Nigerians being disenfranchised if the February polls were held as both countries insisted, despite American National Democratic Institute and IRI, showing clearly that INEC was not ready.

The double standards of the US and UK can further be seen in their curious refusal to allow dealing a decisive blow on Boko Haram. When the US led some international teams to Nigeria in search of the Chibok girls last year, the US deridingly refused to share the information collected with the Nigeria. Now, President Idris Derby of Chad has directly accused the US and Israel of forming and supporting Boko Haram and ISIS. This is plausible because it is two years since the US criminalised and branded the Boko Haram sect an international terrorist organisation. Yet, that country has openly objected to military onslaught against the sect, a position consistent with that of General Muhammadu Buhari.

Then again, what made forensic probing into concentric circles of conspiracies against Jonathan, are specific desperations of the visible hands pushing for regime change in Nigeria. The growing confidence of the APC was initially a welcome development. It was thought to be signs of the anticipated vibrant and robust opposition, which was really long in coming. But many were taken aback when it turned into bragging, utter contempt and name-calling for President Jonathan, culminating in the level of propaganda yet unknown in Nigeria’s political history.

One could easily see that the main tools employed by the APC were fear and disinformation. The party sees propaganda as necessary to push into the public consciousness that it is popular; and that Jonathan did nothing at all in five years and has neither the capacity nor the will to fight corruption and insurgency. Yet, President Jonathan has fought the twin evil perhaps more than most administrations before his.

In his unique way of fighting corruption by checkmating it particularly, Jonathan has targeted the sources the mean cabals manipulate in the system to steal government funds in large lumps and plugged them off. One huge outlet of massive corruption, which Jonathan plugged, is ending fuel subsidy scam. The same applies to fertiliser distribution by removing the rogue middlemen and introducing electronic wallets.

The next is the unbundling and selling off of NEPA, which has ended yet another source of massive looting of the economy and fleecing of the masses by some cabals. Then his removal of over 63,000 ghost workers from federal civil service and handing over the case file to the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), yet another move that saved over 208 billion naira annually. Jonathan also handed over the Nigerian Ports Authority verification to a third party and eliminated port frauds. This also put some cabals out of business.

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