1. It will be very stupid of any hausa-fulani or nigerians to think that after killing millions of our people that nigeria will remain peaceful and united. We are not surprise if the Retrogressive core north, the primitive forces of oppression and the asinine peddlars of lies, ignorance and falsehood to destroy someone else’s yearning for freedom from oppression and aspiration for liberty translate a call for peaceful REFERENDUM to a call for war. What is the response of nigerian government since Nnamdi Kanu has been calling for REFERENDUM? They send their janjaweed terrorists soldiers to go and kill unarmed peace agitators in the name of whatsoever they baptized their operation. One thing is certain as long as Biafran youths are concerned, nigeria can never sustain peace and unity with guns and bullets. There is no amount of unity sermon or stupid military threats that will deter our determination to restore Biafra no no not now that the civilized world has decided that self-determination is an inalienable right. Soldier, guns and bullets, amoured cars, fighter jets and bombers can never solve the problem, infact it’s a mare waste of time, REFERENDUM remains the sole option. The earlier nigeria allow REFERENDUM on Biafra the better for all

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