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OPC kicks, passes vote of no confidence on Buhari-led govt

The National President of Oodua People’s Congress, New Era (OPC), Comrade Razak Arogundade has lamented over issues bothering the country, resolving that, the only way to addressing the challenges is if Nigerians painstakingly go out to register for the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) towards the 2019 General Elections

Arogundade made this known at the National Coordinating Council meeting of the OPC, held at Sagamu‎, Ogun State. Condemning further, the poor handling of the fuel situation in the country.

“It is high time that the government and its Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), live up to the expectations required of them and proffer an immediate end to the sufferings of Nigerians over petroleum products, a gift with which, God blessed the country in abundance.”

‎He explained that, “Nigeria has been under the attack of marauding terrorists who, under the guise of cattle herding have wantonly taken the lives of hundreds of innocent Nigeria citizens in cold blood, as well as the destruction of farms and properties worth several millions of naira. In view of the less than commendable manner in which the various levels of government has handled this subject, we as an organization are left with no option than to pass a vote of no confidence on the federal government and its various security apparatus.”

“Following the series of repeated attacks by the so called miyetti Allah group, in manners which can only be likened to that of the janjaweed in the republic of Sudan. The OPC and many other Nigerians, both individual and organisational are been led to the conclusion that these actions have the backing of some state actors.

“Today not only are the fulani killing with impunity but the government is also trying to create colonies for them all over the country. State governments effort can be appreciated and understood, the neglect of the plight and circumstances of the farmer’s who have been at the receiving end of the fulani attacks questions the impartiality of these federal government effort.”

He added that, “the OPC fully supports the submissions of former president Olusegun Obasanjo on the state of the Nation and the need to seek for new and reliable set of leaders from sources other than established political grouping currently available in the country‎.”

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