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OPC Has Come to Stay – Otunba Gani Adams

There are many that passed through this planet with wisdom and talents but few are they that utilize these God-given gifts to the glory of God and the welfare of their people.
Otunba (Dr.) Gani Adams is a man of many parts; a visionary leader, a charismatic political activist, a reliable champion of rights of the masses, an embodiment of political morality. He is also a well-known traditionalist who has champion many festivals within and outside the country. It will interest you to know that he’sa leader who believes in Christianity, Islam and Traditional religions. In this interview the tall and agile leader of Oodua People Congress throw more light to some of the controversy trailing his group and personality and reason why he celebrated his 45th birthday.


How do you feel and what will you call the major achievement so far?

The major achievement for the past four year is the establishment of Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) in abroad especially haven’t structure in 56 countries now. Before then, we have to be organising 16 Festival annually through Olokun Festival Foundationapart from Oodua People Congress. Many people focus on Oodua People Congress as an organization without knowing that the association has given birth to about six different organizations. Apart from Oodua Progressive Union, we have established another organization called Oodua Economic Empowerment Initiatives. This new organisation will be used to empower the needy. We will be giving some amount of money for people to start business, within the organisation and outside the organisation. By the grace of God, before the middle of May to June, we will start the empowerment programme. So, we think we’ve been opening the space more and more the assistant of almighty God. If God is doing this in your life, you need to be thanking God through your day of your birth which is my birthday. You will realize that, in my progress, I always have some enemies even within my organization; the external forces always use them against me. But what happen to my enemy at the end of the day? They always fall base on their power. And from that, I believed that, April 30 is my birthday but I decided to celebrate it today which is 1st of May in other to give space for those who will have opportunity to attend event due to the public holiday. And my major target is to dine and wine with everybody.

Sir, one of thing that is worrisome is that, there’re proliferations of OPC and when things go wrong, your name is always mention as if you’re the only APC leader, are you not worry?

There is no any faction, its parasites. The only two groups are Faseun and Gani Adams. It’s as a result of the outcome of the election. It was those that we did not support that were paying them money to issue statement against us. And you can see that, we’re up to the task. I don’t join issue with them, my publicity secretary; director of media is enough to tackle them. How can you believe a faceless group as a faction? When the Faction between me and Dr. Faseun started, you see the crowd on my side and you see some few people with Faseun, where is the structure you want to call a faction? You should not play into the hand of gullible. Somebody will just wake up and issue a statement on the internet and you will believe him as a factional organisation. OPC have come to stay, nobody can break it. Even the two groups Dr. Faseun and I between now to two years, they will come together. I can assure you of that. So, it’s a very big group that you expect some unwarranted elements, some who are not patient enough and some who have been building away from the group. Most of them that issue that statement are not members of the group again. You know it is in both side, they sponsor some people against me and they sponsor some people against Dr. Faseun because we did not support their political party. We have 38 political parties in Nigeria; we’re entitled to support any candidate of our choice. After all there are 14 presidential candidates, I’m old enough to determine who I will support despite the fact that he did not win and I will not deny him. I’m not a politician, we believed in a candidate not PDP as a party. I’m not a member of PDP but we support President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan because of his antecedent. As a human who believed that, no matter the position you’re, you must be humble. You must accommodate people and you must not allow the position of president to come into your head, seeing those who did not have opportunity as nothing to you which is one of the reasons we supported him, it was not about money. Look at the allegation; two weeks to the election, they alleged me that I’m one of the people that collected 9 Billion naira. On Monday the newspaper published another story that, the pipeline contract which there are just preparing to give us two month salary, they alleged us that we have collected it. Supporting Jonathan is not about monetary aspect. This is somebody have had relationship with for more than six years even when he was vice president to Yar’dua. And I don’t easily lose contact with my friends. Even though Jonathan loses the election, he’s still my friend and my brother. Definitely if I have a relationship with Buhari, I will maintain it on the level of sincerity the way I’m sincere to Jonathan not that because Jonathan have lose then you say you’ve decamp and you started praising the person that won the election.

What are your agenda for the president-elect?

First and foremost, I will employ him on the issue of free education. Free health to the citizen, social security even though it’s some. I believe in there campaign they said they will give five thousand jobs (5000) which is a good idea. Reducing the price of fuel and building new refineries and allow private initiative to come into our petroleum sector like what happen in the telecommunication sector. And the transparency anti-corruption programme is also a welcome idea. So, if Buhari can continue with what he’s saying, he will have 100% of my support because the major impediment against the progress of this country is corruption. It is only God that will be with Buhari to survive amidst corrupt people. We should pray for him because his mind-set is to change this country but what of the people who have been in the system in a wrong way. If you look at the way he was speaking, you willrealize that this man is ready to set another history for this country. The good thing he has at heart to do for this country, God should back him up.

What do you have to say about a book published by your personal assistant to honour you?

I’m happy because my first aides wrote the book. He is someone who knows much about me. A personal assistant is sometimes closer to you than your wife. So, what he has done today show that, we have some intellectual backing in the organisation. And the book, no matter how small, he’s an authority to anything he wrote on Gani Adams because as an insider who is always with me most of the time, he knows so much about me.

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