Ondo guber: PDP aspirant Jegede gives Akeredolu, APC quit notice

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo state, Eyitayo Jegede said the end has come for Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration in Ondo state.

He assured the people of the state that he is prepared to lead a purposeful and people -oriented PDP government after the October 10 governorship polls in Ondo state.

Speaking to newsmen on Wednesday after obtaining nomination and expression of interest forms at the PDP national secretariat in Abuja, Jegede said he is in the race once again “to serve notice to the APC that their time is up”.

Recall that he was the candidate of the PDP in the 2016 governorship election.

The legal luminary said the people of Ondo state are ready to dump the APC government after failing on all election promises and running the state aground in its almost four years of governance.

He wondered how the Akeredolu administration could execute life changing and social development projects when the governor has ran the state bankrupt.

Speaking on the failure of the incumbent governor, he said “the incumbent governor said that the state is not financially liquid hence his inability to execute projects.

So where and where will you borrow money to execute these tasks. The state government that found over five billion naira to build a small bridge cannot say that the state is no longer liquid.

“Our students have dropped out of school. You can go and check how much that is being paid as tuition fee in our universities.

The first thing the APC government did when they came into power was to increase the fees in all the institutions almost by 500%. In effect a good number of our students dropped out of school.

“You can also go and check our hospitals, people are dying by the day because they cannot pay medical bills and those who collect medical bills collect commission on the medical bills because they say that it is IGR. That shouldn’t happen. These are the kind of things we want to do differently”.

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On his chances of winning the primary and main election, Jegede said his chances are bright and in the hands of God and in the hands of the people of Ondo state.

He said “there must be integrity in politics. We are consistent and because we want to serve the people,the people will decide. There is no pont in jumping from one political party to the other.

You must ensure that you stay there and build the party. The PDP is a very great party, the largest party in Africa, the only party that can provide broad based access to power for the service of the people.

“Chances of PDP winning the election is very bright. You need to go and check, people are waiting, even APC members are waiting for PDP.

“Let me say that the event of 2016 was known to all. Yes I was the candidate of PDP in the governorship election and it took a lot of struggle to be able to retrieve that mandate.

Despite that, we had only one day to campaign and all the party agents which were at the poling unit at that time, none was appointed by myself.

“So the result was obvious. We pleaded then for an extension of time but INEC in its wisdom did not allow it. The outcome came and we came second.

“Now, we have an unfinished business and that business is to retrieve power and put it in the hands of the people of Ondo state”

If given the mandate to govern the state, he promised to run an all inclusive administration and touch every sphere of the lives of the electorate.

“We intend to develop Ondo state economically and open the coastal areas and ensure that in reality the port in Ondo state will come on stream.

” We want to ensure that our people our youths have access to opportunities that are available. We will create job for everybody and make the place generally secured, peaceful, driven by development. We will ensure that we place the entire state in the hands of the people of Ondo state.

“Again we have to open and give access to our teaming youths who are the prospective students in our universities, a lot of them have dropped out of school because of the collapse of the education system in Ondo state especially the imposition of a humongous amount as tuition fees.

“We intend to also give access to our people to access medical care, for the youth, for the young and for women especially pregnant women”, Jegede said..

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