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Omokri: Huge amount of cash wasn’t found at Jonathan’s residence

Reno Omokri, Ex-aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan, has said that no cash what was found at any residence of Jonathan.

He said this in reaction to a viral video on a purported raid of a residence of Jonathan where a huge amount of cash was found.

In a statement on Tuesday, Omokri alleged that the video was circulated by agents of All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said Jonathan was a modest man and whatever he has by way of cash or property was legitimate.

“Let it be known that no police officers or any other security agents stormed any of the residences of former President Jonathan and no cache of dollars or any other foreign currencies have been found in any of his residences and indeed none can be found because no such stash exists,” the statement read.

“That declaration remains true today as it was then. Furthermore, the former president, in keeping with the cashless policy which his administration introduced and fully implemented, does not keep huge sums of cash at his residence.

“He is the most investigated living former president in Nigeria’s history. That nothing implicating has been found on him should not lead his traducers to become desperate and fabricate evidence and circulate it as propaganda.

“I urge Nigerians to be on the alert for the fake news circulated by desperadoes via WhatsApp and other social media platforms and intended to malign the good name of Dr Goodluck Jonathan.”


  1. Bolu Bolu April 4, 2018

    How can someone steal lots of money and Keep it in his house of all places? It’s laughable really. This is just a ploy by the opposing party to tarnish the name of Goodluck Jonathan not knowing he is a modest .

  2. Ugochi Ugochi April 4, 2018

    Chai APC done d finish us with lies there is God oh

  3. Rita Elise Rita Elise April 4, 2018

    We as Nigerians understand the deceit and lies they are trying to sell us about Jonathan.

  4. Bimpe Bimpe April 4, 2018

    Time and time again he’s been investigated and questioned but nothing has been found. He is honest and no one should sell lies about him because his hands are clean and propagandas won’t work again.

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