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Oloruntoba Murder Case: Family Abandons Chiemerie

Since Chiemerie took murder in her stride sometime ago, the youth is learning to carry her cross all alone. ANYIM JOY NDUDI reports that no family member showed up at the station or at the court before being sent to Kirikiri prisons.


Chiemerie seems to have chosen a path she may have to travel all alone. Daily Times gathered that since the arrest of the 17 year old for the murder of one Lawrence Oluruntoba, she has been disserted by family members, even her mother. It was learnt that no family or friend has come for the suspect.

Although she recently appeared in a court in Yaba, but the hearing for her case was however adjourned to the 7th of May, while she was remanded at the Kirikiri prisons.

A source at the State Criminal Investigation Department where the case is being investigated told Daily Times that since the case was transferred from the division to SCID, no member of her family or even friend has come to know if the case has been charged to court or not.

“It is quite pathetic that Chiemerie has been abandoned. Aside from one elderly man who came to visit her once and claimed to be her uncle, no other person has come for her not even her father or mother who she claims to live with.” Police source said.

When Daily Times visited the scene of the crime at Nnemeka Uzor Street in Iba, which happens to be the same place where the parents of the suspect live, no member of her family was available for comment. However, a neighbour who pleaded anonymity said since the incident, the whole family is scarcely seen around.

“After the unfortunate murder incident, mama and papa c

Chiemerie as well as their other children fled the house. It was only some days ago that we started seeing them again. They would come in late at night, and then leave very early the next morning. They hardly talk to anyone, so we don’t even get to ask them what the situation of things is.”

A friend of Chiemerie who also pleaded anonymity said her friend must have been pushed suddenly into the act by some mysterious force. “I know something unusual seized her that day, because the incident would have happened in the morning, but it was averted when her elder brother forcibly took the knife from her.

“But what is it that made late Oloruntoba to cross her path again the same day, and especially, why did Chiemerie go for that same knife again a second time? We have not known not her to be the violent type, not to talk of brandishing knives at a simple quarrel with neighbours. I know something seriously went wrong, and now that she is held in prison, that demon or whatever it was has left her to face the music alone. I am really sorry for her.”

When Daily Times visited the State Criminal Investigation Department where the case is being investigated, the department said that though the case has been charged to court, further action into the matter will be subject to the directive of the Department of Public Prosecution.

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