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OJUKWU chose Uwazuruike as successor, no one else, before he passed on – Director of Info. BIM

Leader of Biafra Independence Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike was handed leadership position of Ndigbo by the late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu on October 29, 2007 as his successor before his death.

This was disclosed by Director of Information of BIM, Mr. Chris Mocha during an interaction with a member of Biafra Elders-in-council, Mr. Joseph Odikpo, in Asaba, Delta State at the weekend.

Mocha stated that Ojukwu, while alive showed in character, action and utterances that Uwazuruike had to succeed him and added that when the Okenwa (Uwazuruike) was detained in Keffi prison, Nassarawa State, for treason, people had asked, “who would be Ojukwu’s successor, if they didn’t find him?

According to him, “Today, I have answered the question, Ojukwu hugged Uwazuruike about 25 times and said he had wiped out tears of Ndigbo for spending two years in prison. Okenwa went to prison for the sake of Ndigbo. Ojukwu who was at his residence at Isi-Uzo street Independence layout, Enugu, on Monday October 29, 2007 to receive Chief Uwazuruike after he was granted a three-month bail by an Abuja High Court on October 26, 2007 to go and bury his mother, Monica, said Uwazuruike has wiped away the tears of Ndigbo.”

He stated that Uwazuruike was arrested on Tuesday October 25, 2005 by Operatives of the Department of State Security (DSS), who disguised as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members.

and operated on a Litace bus with registration number Delta 638A.

Mocha said the late Ojukwu spoke in Igbo language in the presence of  the late Senator Uchechukwu Merije, Senator Ikechukwu Obiorah, former APGA national chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, Eze Ndigbo in Abuja, and Chief Nwosu among others.

He quoted Ojukwu to have said “Uwazuruike is my begotten son with whom I am well pleased because all the messages I kept getting from him while he was in prison custody were not to tell me that he was hungry or tired and required support, rather he kept telling me that he was healthy and that he stood by the struggle.”

The group’s Director of Information said the late hero of Ndigbo explained that the re-assurance that Uwazuruike had not shifted ground gladdened his heart and gave him hope that tomorrow would be better.

“Ojukwu opined that Uwazuruike’s continued refusal to accept the status quo like others had further aggravated hatred for him which was responsible for the foot-dragging concerning his release.”

He said Ojukwu had cautioned Uwazuruike not to give up in the face of this mounting pressure, adding that he should always remember that it is the people that is the masses, who are solidly behind him and would continue to do so.

“Go anywhere and do not be afraid. I am fear and fear does not fear. Do not be afraid. Go anywhere with confidence, don’t be afraid to champion the cause you believe in because fear does not entertain another fear.  We are solidly behind you and wherever you go, we are going to be with you,” Mocha quoted Ojukwu

Mocha said Ojukwu further warned: “They cannot tell us not to talk or tell us when to talk. We can talk anywhere we want and at any time. When we are offended we must talk. We are not going to keep quiet. I promise that I will never give up nor betray the cause of Igbo and I believe that if we stay together, we muster a lot of strength to contain the forces of darkness,” BIM spokesman stated.

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