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Obidigwe seeks end to Anambra/Kogi boundary dispute

The boundary dispute between Anambra and Kogi states has continued to linger on with little or no efforts at all by the boundary commission to have it resolved.

According to the Special Assistant to the governor on Political Matters, Mr. Chinedu Obidigwe, the crisis has lingered for over ten years with many youths of both state losing their lives to untimely death as they battle for the land.

The 32-year-old Obidigwe, who is currently aspiring to represent the people of Anambra East and West constituency in the House of Representatives come 2019, said provision of lasting solutions to the crisis will be his focus once given the mandate.

“My people have suffered in the past. I want to liberate them and give them sense of belonging at the National Assembly, House of Representatives to be precised.

“If given the opportunity, I will attract more meaningful development from the federal government to consolidate the efforts of Gov Obiano at the state level.

It will be recall that the said land is where Anambra state government said it has oil deposit in reasonable quantity.

Currently the orient petroleum company have been given license by the state government to explore the potentials of the land for the benefit of the state, however it has not been able to achieve more due to the unending crises over the land dispute between the two states.

Obidigwe said resolving it on time is the best thing that will happen to the people of Anambra State, Kogi State, and Nigeria at large, it will give room for developmental projects.

He said more importantly if the dispute is resolved the airport construction and the orient construction which is currently moving at snail pace will be fast track and achieved in the due time with out further delay, this will in turn provide adequate employment and the youth of the state will be greatly empowered.







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