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NWF: Expect no medals at Rio 2016—Igali

The President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) Honourable Daniel Igali has said that Nigerians should not expect any medal in next year’s Olympic Games holding in Rio, Brazil.
Igali who is an Olympic Gold medallist stressed that Nigeria has not done anything to warrant her athletes winning medals in Rio.
“We shouldn’t expect medals of any kind at the Olympic Games next year because we have not done enough to expect such. The Olympic Games is not a tea party because countries work hard to earn a medal, but here we have done absolute nothing in terms of preparation, so there is no miracle about it,” he said.
The member Bayelsa House of Assembly said truth must be told about the wrestling team to the Olympics as he added that NWF have not started preparation and the athletes have not been attending competitions.
“How then do they want to win medals? It’s sad that we have not started preparing for the games. To win an Olympic medal, you need years of preparations. But here, it is a different ball game. If we don’t participate in the qualifiers, how then do we qualify for the games? Countries hoping for medals started preparing for it long time ago,” Igali emphasised.
Igali who holds a dual citizenship of Nigeria and Canada bemoans the care-free attitude of the National Sports Commission towards training and preparing athletes for tournaments.
“In May, there will be the World Championship, but up till now there is no sign that we will attend. That is the place most of the qualifiers will take place. If by now we are not in camp, how are we going to do well in the championship if eventually we are able to raise funds to participate in it,” he asked with a tinge of regret.

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