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Reps adopt e-voting, drops ‘aye’, ‘nay’ voting system


In line with the agenda of the 8th Assembly on the introduction of a full scale e-parliament, the House of Representative has adopted the e-voting system, thereby throwing away the controversial and much criticised manual voting where members shout ‘aye’ and ‘nay’ to support or oppose an issue on the floor.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. YakubuDogara, who made this known in Abuja said he approved the modern voting system to be in line with the agenda of the 8th Assembly.

“We are committed to the use of Information and Communications Technology in the daily conduct of legislative activities of the House. E-parliament and e-voting platforms will be made a regular feature of the House,” Dogara said.

Daily Times gathered that with this new voting pattern, the chances of manipulating vote on the floor of the House of Representative will be reduced, as the votes of all the 360 members will be clearly displayed for all to see.

In order to kick-start the e-parliament, forms had been distributed to the 360 members of the House “to collate their data ahead of the production of e-voting Cards..

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