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Nov. guber poll: Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie links crime to hunger, poverty

A Nollywood actor and governorship aspirant for November 18, 2017 governorship election in Anambra State, Yul Edochue, has blamed increasing incidents of crime in the society on hunger and poverty.

Edochie, who spoke when he met with the Anambra State Executive of Democratic Peoples Congress (DPC), said leadership is about fixing the problems and catering for their welfare.
He said: “What is the cause of crime. No amount of police you put on the road can stop crime. The root cause of hunger is crime. That is why I came out. I want to solve people’s problems”.

He however noted that it is not a fight he can embark alone, rather it should be a collective fight, stressing that this is the time of youths.

Edochie said: “I have a good name and I will maintain it. My father did not train me for these vices in Nigeria politics, sharing our commonwealth but if those who stole money come to give you, take it. It is our money.

Continuing, the Nollywood star said: “I am not given too much talk. I believe so much in action. I strive to maintain my integrity. There is nothing like an integrity. I don’t have much money but God has ordained me for leadership.

Earlier, the chairman of DPC in Anambra State, Prince Orjiwulu Ifejika, said the party which was registered in 2016 mainly have people who are game changers.

He said most of them who belong to the party are not the normal Nigerian career politicians but young people who are in a hurry to change the way politics is played in Nigeria.

We are to take governance to the people where it belongs. It does not belong to the politicians who have been siphoning the people’s money. We want the people to know the real meaning of democracy because we are not career politicians. We are not typical politicians in Anambra State or on Nigeria. We are tired of them. The people are tired of them.
Continuing, Prince Ifejika said: “We are people who have the interest of people at heart. We are participating in this election. And we will take over the seat of power in Anambra State.

He said the party will hold its primary congress in August 31, 2017, after which they will unveil their candidate for the governorship election but assured that their candidate will be a youth.

The youths are coming to take over Anambra State and they will take people closer to the Government House. Ours is not the usual Nigeria politics, when you win, the position will become a private property for you, your family and village. Ours is new, fresh, he has not been contaminated,” Ifejika added.

The chairman said they might be seen as an unpopular party but they will shock those who underrated them, warning that the votes of Anambra people must count in this election.
He lamented that Anambra State has over 50 billionaires but their money has not fetched them power, saying theirs was to work hard, do their best and leave the rest to God.

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