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Northern youths seek 30% political appointment

As the All Progressives Congress (APC) moves to form a government, Nigerian youths are requesting for 30 per cent of all political appointments, in recognition and appreciation of their efforts during the 2015 presidential election.
The Chairman, Northern Nigerian Youth, Balami Isaac David, made the request, at a summit, held in Kaduna, on Tuesday, to review their past and chart a new course for Nigerian youths for the future.
Speaking at the event which featured delegates from nineteen states of the North, David lamented that at any given time, youths were used by the political class to campaign in their favour but dumped them after realising their ambition.
“Youths are only considered as stakeholder by politicians during elections, but when it comes to sharing of offices, they are offered none. That means we are like willing tool and treated as such,” he regretted.
He said that the change that had taken place today, at the centre for instance, could not have been possible without the youths.
Said David: “The political change in favour of APC today came from the youths, therefore they should be recognised and appreciated by accommodating them in areas where decisions are made. Nigerian youths are educated and intelligent enough to hold public office.”
During the 2015 general elections, he recalled that the Nigerian youths put their differences behind, went into the elections with the interest of the country at heart and the result of that understanding was the change that we are seeing today.

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