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North Korean Border Guards Suspected of China Killings

North Korean border guards has been accused of crossing ove to a Chinese city to commit thefts and killing of three villagers.

In a statement on Thursday, the Helong city government said a 55-year-old man, his 26-year-old daughter and another man aged 67 were killed on Saturday.

It said that police from the provincial level down were investigating.

The killings took place in Longcheng township along the North Korean border.

The location is not far from where at least seven villagers were reported killed last year by border guards who had crossed the Tumen River, which separates the countries, in search of money and food, the AP news agency reported.

China is North Korea’s chief source of trade and aid, but the North’s desperate economic situation is testing the traditionally close relationship. Underpaid and underfed border guards have reportedly been terrorising Chinese villagers in recent years, especially in winter when the frozen river makes crossing over easy, Aljazeera reports.

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