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Nollywood queens of yester years

They were once the apple of Nigeria movie faithful’s eye. They were sexy, beautiful, attractive and of course, young.

Without doubt, they were always adored, and made many homes happy with the display of their talents, beauty and acting prowess. The men were not left out, as they were always engrossed, and carried away with their scintillating performances, especially with the charismatic way they show off their beautiful shapes. Yes, these are the yester years Nollywood Queens, who dazzled not only with their talents, but also with their faces, acting prowess and attendant scandals.

Like the saying goes, ‘no king reigns forever’, these foremost thespians had somehow faded into oblivion, leaving in their wake a plethora of new faces as replacements. However, while they reigned, these make believe queens of yester years, were the best in their individual categories. It is worthy of note that even now that most of them are “retired”, they still retain that charming attitude that made many Nigeria men uncomfortable whenever they watch them on screen.

In this special report, AJIBADE ALABI unveils Nollywood Queens of yester years, their present location as well as activity.

Susan Patrick

She came into the industry with her scintillating performance in a movie titled “Snake Girl”. Thereafter, she became one of the most sought after actress in Nollywood. She ranks as one of the actresses that made name in the early days of Nollywood. Susan was not without controversy as she was alleged to have snatched another woman s husband while a student of Lagos State University (LASU). She is no longer active in the Nigeria film industry as she is now leaving quietly with her hubby somewhere in the Island

Regina Askia

She is reputed as one of the most beautiful faces to have graced Nigeria movie world. So beautiful is this Akwa- Ibom born hazel eyes that a French man was reported to have begged her to have a baby for him; this, she eventually did when she “gave” him a baby girl (Stephanie). Thereafter, this one time Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria got married; a union that crashed even before it started. Regina seems to have finally found love in the arms of an American. She is now based in USA, where she is a nurse. A former beauty queen, model and actress starred in several Nollywood movies. Regina was named Best Actress in Nigeria by Afro Hollywood London in 2000. . Regina’s role in Nigerian soap ‘Fortunes earned her critical acclaim.

Sandra Achums

She was once reputed as possessing one of the sexiest shapes in the industry. After a failed marriage years back, Sandra relocated to Germany where she is said to be engaged in private business. Sandra was one of those female faces of Nollywood movies covers. She suddenly disappeared leaving fans wondering about her whereabouts. News broke some times that Sandra gave birth to a bouncing baby girl in a German hospital. Up to press time, there was no news of the Imo state born actress returning to Nollywood. The actress resides in Germany with her husband and four children.

Hilda Dokubo

Known for her emotion in movies. This Rivers State born actress was one of those who made Nollywood thick in the early 90s. After proving mettle in the entertainment world, she was appointed to serve I former Governor Peter Odili’s cabinet. A recent report has it that, she has gone back to her first marriage. But one thing is sure; Hilda is not talking about going back to the business of make-believe; a profession that made her “rich” and popular.

Liz Benson

She was an epitome of beauty and brain. This Cross- River State beautiful actress has all it takes. She was one of the few actresses who dazzled Nigerians, especially the menfolk with her captivating figure. Despite the fact that she was a widow when she joined the industry, many society men did not give her enough space, as they all want to have a “taste” of her. However, their wish came to nothing, as ‘Mama Richard’ finally found love in a Reverend Father, whom she married years ago. She is not totally out of the industry, as she still appears in selected movies.

Dolly Unachukwu

If there is any actress that could be labelled, “Bold, Big and Beautiful” in the early days of Nollywood, the actress is Dolly. She carried herself so well then, that a weekly entertainment magazine tagged her “Madam Nollywood” in the early years of Nigeria film industry. Dolly is no more in the industry again; she is now settled in the UK with her family. Dolly Unachukwu was part of the generation that ruled the screen in the early days of Nollywood. Dolly who is also writer and producer featured in “Glamour Girls”, to “Full Moon”, “Final Decision” and “Deadly Affair”. The talented actress suddenly disappeared from the scene to join her husband in the UK.

Ndidi Obi

She came to the consciousness of Nigerians with her scintillating role in “Nneka, the Pretty Serpent”. The role shot her into instant limelight as the name, Nneka stucked to her name. She went ahead to appear in other interesting movies, making a name for herself in Nigeria movie industry. However, she went into oblivion, only to resurface two years ago, saying, “I am now back to Nigeria to continue doing what I know how to do best, and that is acting”, when she was cornered during the 2012 AMAA in Lagos.

Ameze Imarhiagbe
She was a favourite among movie fans while she was doing her stuff in Nigeria. Many fans will do anything to have her autograph, and goes to show how excellent she was during the time she was dishing out her good stuff. But now, Ameze is no longer displaying before the camera, she is now based in America doing other businesses.

Victoria Inyama

Apart from her acting prowess which endeared her in the heart of movie buffs, her bitter quarrel with Reginal Askia made a lot of headline during those early days of Nollywood. After many years in the profession of make believe however, Victoria finally called it quits with the profession, as she has relocated to the UK to stay with her hubby, where she is into catering business.

Ann Njemanze
She came to limelight with her role in a film entitled “Domitila”, a name which later became her sobriquet. She married to another Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze; a union that was hardly meant to as it crashed like a badly arranged cards. She however, has a baby to show for it. Now re- married, but out of Nollywood circuits as she lives in Owerri where she is enjoying her marital life with her new husband.

Ann Mariam Apollo
Had a love affair relationship with a colleague in the industry, Ramsey Nouah; a relationship that did not have the proverbial ‘… and they lived happily ever after’, as both parted ways soon after. But while Ramsey surmounted the disappointment with flourishing career in the industry, Ann called it quit, and relocated to UK, where she is into the business of buying and selling. She has since re-married.

Rita Nzelu

This gap-toothed actress dazzled the industry with her beauty and delivery which won her a lot of male admirers.
Rita had the style and affection to attract people when she acts. The former goddess and a pioneer of Nollywood is now a born again Christian. Rita who resides in London, England may soon become an evangelist

Ego Boyo

The star of “Checkmate” is a familiar face to many soaps and Nigerian home videos lovers produced in the 90s’. She got married to Onamofe Boyo and became movie producer. Ego runs a production outfit called Temple Productions

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