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Nigeria’s problems corruption, bad leadership not structure, says cleric

Amidst increasing agitation for restructuring of the country from different groups, ethnic nationalities and individuals, Nigeria problems as been identified as bad leadership and corruption rather than it present political structure.

This view was expressed by a cleric and public affairs analyst, Proper Kanayo in an interview with the Dailytimes, noting that it was sad the the present crops of leaders have let down the people, while they lack vision to rule and take the country to it dream position.

Kanayo charged Nigerians to show interest in partisan politics, engage in political activities and contest for elective positions in the country, rather than leave it in the hand of corrupt individuals who are only interested in siphoning the nation wealth.

Kanayo who is the resident pastor of living waters unlimited church Isolo , stressing that it was time Nigerians take charge of their destiny if the country was to attain it potentials.

Speaking further, he dismissed the call for restructuring of the country, noting that it was not the solution to the country’s problem, but rather advocated for a Menter shift and change of attitude among Nigerians.

He added that allocating more money to the regions in the name of restructuring would not solve Nigeria’s problems, because several funds allocated to the Niger- delta and other regions over the years have not been unaccounted for by the governors.

The clergy described the calls for secession by member of the independent people’s of Biafra, IPOB, as a distraction and unnecessary, stressing that Igbo’s must unit and speak with one voice to attain their purpose.

He said”It is time we chose our leaders wisely, we should not allow not allow rogues,corrupt individuals to get to Leadership positions. It is not about APC or PDP, because if they want to share money this people would not say, I won’t take the money because am in PDP.

“We need people who have vision for the country and they should come out to contest election and protest their mandate. Let come and save this country, rather than leave it in the hand of vision- less people”.

” Nigeria problem is about leadership and not restructuring, those calling for restructuring are talking about restructuring their pocket. what have the governors done with the derivation money in the Niger-delta? If we don’t change our mindset and attitude the country cannot be better,” Kanayo said.













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