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Nigerians are suffering, activist tells Buhari

Owing to high cost of living in Nigeria, a social crusader and proprietor, Akunne Oniah Memorial Group of Schools, Onitsha, Chief Jude Oniah, has sent a passionate appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari over the suffering of majority of Nigerians occasioned by the Federal Government’s economic policies.

Oniah, who said he supported the ruling party before the conduct of the 2015 Presidential Election, said that Nigerians were now disappointed with the much anticipated change they had patiently waited for and urged Buhari to rescind some of his economic policies as poor Nigerians were daily being suffocated by economic hardship.

He explained that the basic necessities of life which were shelter, food and clothing were now expensive and out of the reach of majority of Nigerians. The activist stated that common sense should guide the President in taking any major decision that would impact either negatively or positively on the people, adding that present events in the country show that the Federal Government economic policies are having negative effects on the people.

He argued that any government that cannot create enabling environment for availability and affordability of food for the citizens was a wicked and insensitive government and charged President Buhari to demonstrate good and quality leadership by being sensitive to the plight of Nigerians.

“What does it benefit a nation to be wealthy while the citizens are poor and hungry. Prices of food stuffs and other social services have geometrically gone up. The government knows that a hungry man is an angry man and should do everything within her power to alleviate the sufferings of the people”.

He further stated that more hardship would encourage commission of crime and insurgency by various groups in the polity and called on the Federal Government to do her bit and leave the rest for Nigerians.

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