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Nigerians and Their Love for Evil Men

Most Nigerians are politically complacent. And that’s why in the 2015 presidential election, they’d be voting for or against two devils representing two major political parties in Nigeria—PDP and APC. It is like taking a walk in hell and Satan asks which part of his infernal community one finds comfortable. Whatever choice, one is still caught in his heated milieu. But, there is heaven, which Nigerians are too scared to attain.It might be too late to achieve that eternal bliss now as these parties, it seems, have spread their spell over the populace. Thinking or any form of logical reasoning by Nigerians, therefore, still leads them into hell.Perhaps, it is time to shine light on reasons why many Nigerians prefer hell. The man who lied about his shoeless nature is campaigning with a “do or die” strategy. He would go to any length to cut off his “enemies of progress” and even if it means displaying a Mégadian attitude. If records serves us right, things, during his sixyear reign remained static. There is and there has been no significant improvement in Nigeria.It is not news that during the shoeless regime, the nation has been consistently pummeled by Boko Haram and it is not news, also, that the man has not come up with practical solutions to stop this insurgency. Flimsy excuses rent the air: “We know the people orchestrating the insurgency, but of course, nothing can be done. Is it not logical that once you know such puppeteers, you make moves to stop them? Over 200 girls are still missing and the boy from Otueke still has the guts to contest in 2015. Some staunch supporters, with their eyes blind on facts, would come up with all kinds of defenses and point their fingers to his achievement and, these ones, are the ones who sing that “Northerners and enemies don’t want him to rule”. Come 2015, he would be representing the most corrupt political party in the world and some Nigerians would vote for him.Then the Messiah, Mr. Discipline lines up as the second most important devil in the presidential contest. He goes around presenting himself like an angel. Nigerians believe he would change the country, even though he represents another party that was cut from the same cloth. Some have even gone as far as using biblical references to define him; giving him that ‘Rock of Ages’ status. Again, history tells us that Mr.Discipline was involved in a scandal involving the loss of $2.8 billion during his military rule the 80s. He also ordered brazen beatings on Nigerians and commanded that humans be shot to death like flies in public. But Nigerians believe that when he puts on a civilian robe he would do better. Nigerians are good like that; they are quick to forgive their leaders’ past.If there is an Alamieyeseigha and Ibori presidential team for 2015 election, they will definitely get some votes. Most Nigerians like to eat their vomit and more importantly, cherish criminals. One example of criminal worship can be found in Bode George’s stories; he received the kind of praise given to athletic champions.When would Nigerians ask for a party that is free of old criminals? When would they seek for a party with candidates that are purely chosen on merits of their past? In 2015, the same old rags would come with beaming messages and you’d see Nigerians, in their numbers, singing their praises. The brand of politics played by Nigerian politicians is one of the dirtiest in the world. Like in every politics, you should expect puppeteers, but the Nigerian puppeteers are ready to kill their fellow citizens to achieve their aim.Satan, it is fair to say, would not vote for any of his proteges. When there is no angelic choice what can the people do? The people need to start creating their own path to heaven. It is simplistic to allow the same set of evil characters to run and control everything. For once, let the people control the affairs of selecting candidates.No significant change should be expected from the next candidates. To sum up Nigeria and Nigerians’ blind journey to 2015, Ikhide Ikheola’s words are apt here: “… it is between the PDP and the APC, no difference really, only in the letters. They will run us to the ground – until we either fight for a better Nigeria or lose the nation. ”



*this was published in the Daily Times dated Thursday, December 18, 2014

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