Nigerian government needs to support Nollywood-Fast rising actor, Olushola Micheals

Talented and fast rising actor, Olushola Micheals has disclosed that the government both at Federal and State level needs to support the Nollywood industry just the way importance is given to the sporting world.

Olushola Micheals

In his world he said’ Nigeria is blessed with lots of creative minds and as such it baffles me that actors are underrated in Nigeria as the industry equally deserves the same hype and attention given to the sporting activities most especially football.

The industry has in its own little help in the reduction of tensions via quality movie production but yet the industry players are not been compensated by their own government.

As part of supporting the industry also, the government needs to put active measures in the curbing of piracy which have eaten deep into the industry. While we have read in papers and several online platforms when a culprit is apprehended; the aftermath result is most time not known.

As a fast rising actor who is also intending to be a part of the growing industry, my employ law makers of the need to make available strict penalty for whosoever is caught in the act of pirating other people’s intellectual property.

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Recalling how he fell in love with the industry, Olushola disclosed that his encounter with sultry actress Abiodun Sofuyi better known as Omo Butty during one of his travelling trips as business man who does more of Visa Processing, Ticketing and Luxury holidays bookings.

Olushola however requested from the actress to pay a visit whenever she is filming which is obliged and on getting to the production set, I fell in love completely with the art and decided to take a shot at it.

Currently Olushola is a film student at the Seriki Olopolo Movie Academy owned by prolific filmmaker, Afeez Owoh and has featured in a couple of movies that includes Moromo, My Husband, My Enemy, Retribution amongst others.

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