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Nigerian Doctor, Wife Hold Nigerian as Slave for 24 Years in UK

A 39-year-old man who is suing a British-Nigerian couple of keeping him as a domestic slave for 24 years, has told Harrow Crown Court that he was once hit in his right eye by  his master’s wife, Mrs Antan Edet. Giving evidence behind a screen – so as not to see Mrs. Edet and her husband – at the court last Friday, Ofonime Sunday Inuk, who had earlier told the court his passport was kept away from him for over a decade, revealed to the court how he kept a diary of the mistreatment he got in the house of his 58-year old mistress and her husband.
Inuk, who had also earlier revealed to the court that he was about 14 years old in 1989, when Antan, a senior sister at a hospital and her 60-year old obstetrician and gynaecologist husband, Emmanuel Edet, brought him from Nigeria to the UK via Israel, also accused the couple of forcing him to sleep in the corridor, sit in the kitchen all day long and given pocket money of either £5 or £10.
He accused Dr. Edet and his nursing sister wife of making him clean their home and to look after their children. He made many entries of how he was allegedly maltreated by the Edets in a diary he secretly kept. In one, he wrote: “Tonight “ma” ( Mrs Edet) hit me so hard in my right eye because she saw me holding my phone in the kitchen.”
Before he was cross-examined by prosecutor, Roger Smart, the court heard of another entry, where he noted that the fridge door came off its hinges when he was opening it, and that he would surely be blamed for that.
When Smart asked Inuk why he thought he would get the blame for the door coming off, the 39-year old replied, “because they said I had a destructive hand, that I was always mishandling things.”
 Among others, Inuk also said though he was not allowed to charge his phone nor use the landline in the house. He did so at night without the couple’s knowledge.
The couple both deny assisting unlawful immigration and cruelty to a person under the age of 16, and pleaded not guilty to holding a person in slavery and servitude.
They were also accused of threatening Inuk that if he left the house and reported the matter to the Police, he would be arrested as an illegal immigrant and sent back to Nigeria. He also told the jury that when he tried bringing it to their attention in 2005, the Police said they couldn’t help, because it was a family matter.
The case continues before Judge Arran at courtroom 1, on Monday morning (today).

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