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NIGERIA: Country in Need of Patriotic Leaders

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” — Aristotle. “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living” — Gail Sheehy.

The seed that had been sown by elements of evil extraction in Nigeria had been producing fruits and the fruits have been poisonous ones. I am not a prophet, but I had made several predictions in past commentaries of impending catastrophic situation upon the nation unless there is a change. When an entire population is thrown into confusion by a group of egocentric political demagogues, the result will be chaos and anarchy. Since the present democratic dispensation, 70 percent of Nigerians have been thrown into hopelessness and majority 0f them had died. They died out of social-economic strangulation caused by leaders who manoeuvered their ways into the pinnacle of the country’s political echelon. The victims of this political and economic victimisation are the ordinary Nigerians. Nigeria is witnessing an unprecedented level of unrest in history. Kidnappings, armed robbery, ritual murders, and Boko Haram insurgency are holding the nation hostage. Nigeria is in desperate need of a saviour. Who will deliver the people from this scourge? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Are there any more compatriots who are ready to put their lives on the line?

The nation is plagued by leaders who have created terror in the land and obsessed with innocent blood, through occultism, to gain political powers. The level of poverty, hunger and human degradation has reached a dangerous proportion. The reckless attitude of the leaders and their unrestrained desire to wreck the nation must be addressed, as a matter of urgency. With the federal government’s inability to rescue the Chibok girls, it is clear that the military lacks the capability to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. Years of corruption and economic genocide have rendered the Nigeria Police Force completely immobilised. Nigeria is overwhelmed by serious wave of criminal activities as a result of poverty. The leaders are filling up their bank accounts with billions of dollars of stolen money from the nation, while 70 percent of the population lives in abject poverty. The unemployment rate is growing astronomically, while the Judiciary has joined the bandwagon to wreck the nation for their failure to dispense justice equitably.

As Boko Haram and kidnappers continue to terrorise Nigerians, the government is finding it difficult to cripple and rout their challenges. It is unfortunate that Nigeria, that was once an enviable country, had been turned to a laughing stock by systemic corruption. Nigerians must understand that this is not a religious war, but a war against the forces of darkness, against principalities and powers. The nation is held hostage by demonic entities that have transformed into human elements to kill maim and destroy. The victims of these demonic agents transcend ethnic and religious affiliations. They are Christians, Muslims, Pagans and Atheists. Again, the reason why evil is thriving is because our leaders have created an unimaginable level of hardship and poverty in the land. I recently read of a young man in Bornu State who was given N2, 000 by a Boko Haram agent to bomb as many houses as he could in his village. The man, who was, obviously, unemployed, accepted the offer and embarked on the sinister act. He succeeded in burning down three houses before he was apprehended by vigilantes. I believe that majority of those who have enlisted in Boko Haram are unemployed Nigerians. These are the young men and women who, out of desperation, have joined various criminal organisations in the country. I believe all Nigerians know that the country needs deliverance. Through pride, we are ever deceiving ourselves. But below the veneer of such deceit, is still the voice telling us something is amiss.


*Published in the Daily Times newspaper dated Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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