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Nigeria army to probe ‘humiliating’ mistreatment of pro-Biafra activists

Mass killings by Nigerian troops drafted to the country’s South Eastern states, strong hold for agitation of the independent state of Biafra, has drawn the ire of the army.

Agency reports, on the evolving incident said that the Nigerian Army said it has opened investigations into what it said were excesses by some of its officers against pro-Biafra activists in the southern Eastern part of the country.

According to the report, the Army labelled a video containing graphic allegations of abuse and killings of Biafra agitators as humiliating and promised to ensure that military personnel responsible for such act are brought to book.

A viral social media video clip showed soldiers ostensibly forcing protesters to swim in and drink muddy water at a check point in Abia State.

The gun-wielding officers had the activists lie face down in the water bare chested, at a point they are seen whipping their victims with canes.

Any claim of rights violation would be investigated and when confirmed, appropriate disciplinary action would be taken against the erring personnel.

“The issue is being investigated with the view to ascertain the source and the actors in the clip. Our Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement are quite clear and any officer or soldier that infringed on any of such directive if found guilty, will face full wrath of the military justice system,” the statement said.

They, however, cautioned against what they described as planned misinformation and propaganda arrangements by the activists aimed at discrediting and creating disaffection for the Army and its work in the region.

The ensuing clashes led to the imposition of a three-day state of emergency by the state government. Ahead of an announcement of the lifting of the curfew or otherwise, reports indicate that the agitators have burnt down a police station in the state.

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