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Nigeria and the Buhari Leadership

As Nigeria rolls on to change its leadership from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) to General Muhammad Buhari (GMB) on May 29, 2015 the question of what the future holds for Nigeria and its people becomes paramount. Indeed the entire world is turning upside down and the changing dynamism affects other nations just as it affects the Nigeria. Those who hitherto prefer to forecast or write about Nigeria have been mostly non-Nigerians or Nigerians living abroad. They are doing only descriptive or comparative analysis at best with no baseline in many cases, or comparing Nigeria with the Western nations. Where the western world is today is not where Nigeria may want to be. Therefore, the essential questions are still unasked and unanswered. Where is Nigeria now and where should its position in world politics, economic and social systems really ought to have been. What are the contributions of Nigeria to world peace and its decision making process? On domestic issue, is it safer to live in Nigeria or elsewhere in the years ahead? What moral value system should be considered universal for emulation?

However, GMB is coming in and leaning more toward the position of a possible restoration of moral value system, minimising social decadence and installing broken down societal discipline. The Nigeria society is becoming completely out of order indexed by insurgencies, kidnappings, armed robberies, corruption and embezzlement of public funds. GMB’s objectives are not as simple as they sound and it is likely that his friends and admirers will be getting fewer as his government genuinely pursues the agenda of setting things right. On the other side of the coin is the very high expectation of people of Nigeria. They are still dancing and trekking distances. They have come to believe GMB on job generation to reduce unemployment, grow the economy both to reduce socioeconomic inequalities and ensuring that the rich can safely invest in Nigerian. If GMB comes from his discipline angle only, as he did as a military Head of State (1984-1985), the needed capitals to grow the economy may fly away. If he chooses growing the economy on false corruption and indiscipline pillars the entire system will collapse sooner rather than later. The system needs a holistic approach and inclusive participation. Hence, the cleaning broom GMB and his party members usually hold, may have different interpretation to different audiences. The ordinary Nigerians and the public are expecting GMB to come and sweep dirt away from the system and offering them jobs, energy and lighting, water and make available essential commodities. Their belief is that the broom can do it because of GMB and not because of APC. Another level of thought comes from the political opponents and some public who believe that the outgoing government is perceived to be corrupt and that key members of that government deserve to spend the rest of their lives either in prisons. GMB has risen the stake too high for himself that he is now at a position where he must set a balance so that his word, his body language, his every appointment must operate in consonance. Yet, a few others believe that only a foundation of good governance can be laid within the short period of four years.

Charity to this group must begin at home and with members of APC, elected and appointed members of governments, public and private officers. That is, GMB can only start a new page and set a new foundation for Nigeria. Everyone will still go through the prevailing hardships until the new policies have their positive effects.

In the interim GMB can still fast track his administration and cushion the undue hardships members of the society are currently subjected to due to perceived previous bad governance. We must not turn back the hand of government in anyway without a proof and a reason; governance must be transparent, open and inclusive. Internal democracy must be allowed to work fully. I wish also that GMB would be an example of a one-term president so that he would not be detracted in any of his policies. Usually anyone who sets out to be a one-term president of their nation often always achieves more and can step on toes and get away with it. Just as GEJ conceded an election he lost, and has thereby earned enormous accolades, GMB coming out on May 29, 2015 and telling the public the life of his tenure would go a long way to earn him national and international support.

Unfortunately whilst we are expecting the outgoing PDP to form a robust opposition, and contribute meaningfully to build the system the right way, we see a sign that PDP may be disintegrating and collapsing even while they are still in power.

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