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Niger seeks increase in petroleum supply

Niger State government has declared its intention to write to the Minister of Petroleum to demand for increase in the supply of Petroleum Products, in order to tackle the lingering short supply to the state.

This decision was the result of an interface on Thursday between the Niger state House of Assembly and stakeholders in the petroleum sector on how to address fuel shortage to the state, following explanation by the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) in Minna, that the Minna deport does not have enough supplies to meet its Transport Differential Zones (TDZ).

The PPMC Minna Deport supervisor, Mr. Akpan Sunday, had told the lawmakers that Suleja Depot which also supplies Abuja is at all times accorded priority over the Minna deport due to its proximity to the Federal Capital Territory.

The supervisor, represented by Abba Kura stated that as a result of this development, the Minna deport is being overshadowed by Suleja deport with the intention of giving FCT more preference than Niger State.

He hinged the inability of the depot (Minna) to Independent marketers, who in the last six months had inadequate supply of petroleum product and also being compounded by the reduction in the supply it gets.

“I want to say that due to this problem, tickets raised in October are yet to be loaded. The Independent marketers are already discouraged with this development. In the past, we usually receive 34 trucks daily but last week, we only received 19 trucks, while on Thursday and Friday, we did not receive any truck at all. But, 250 trucks were received by Suleja for the purpose of Abuja, alone,” Akpan said.

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