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Nicki Minaj Talks Beef with Tyga and Chris Brown's love child

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Nicki Minaj is really a queen, at least from the way she answered the question about Tyga. She didn’t blast him like Tyga did. She said she is all good and has no problem with him. She also said in the new interview that she and her new boyfriend, Meek Mill are compatible.


She also dished on if she will leave cash money if Wayne left and the recent Chris Brown drama. As part of her upcoming Pinkprint Tour, Ms. Minaj had a phone in interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra and talked about a few pressing topics.


·         On Her Relationship With Meek Mill

“We’re just super compatible and we just be having fun together.”


·         On If She’ll Leave Cash Money And Go Straight With Young Money

“I don’t think it’ll ever get to that point. First of all, people know I love Wayne and I have loyalty towards him, but I love Baby, too. I mean, I’m very close with Baby, I don’t think people know that. So I’m banking on the fact that they’re going to work this out like family. They’ve gone through things before just like family does, and it is what it is, they’re gonna get through it. I’m not even gonna think that way.”


·         On The Tyga/”Truffle Butter” Controversy


“The song was on my album and, ummm, we don’t know how, but it magically ended up in Tyga’s hands. And I told him, I was like, that’s my song. I told him that me and Drake were gonna be on it and lo and behold it leaked with him on it after I told him not to put it out.


I thought that was a little bit disrespectful, because I had always shown him love. I had always done stuff with him, took him on tour with me and I thought it was disrespectful because I am the Queen of Young Money.


And then he said some stuff that I ain’t feel. But he texted me after and he apologized and he said, ‘You always were there for me.’ And I respected him for saying that…It’s all good, I ain’t mad at all.”


On Chris Brown’s Baby Drama:

[In a British accent] I don’t have any thoughts on another man’s child. I don’t have any thoughts on another man’s penis. I don’t care. I don’t want to talk about it with you. I’m talking about the bloody Pink Print… and how I am the queen and I’m the reigning queen and don’t get it bloody misconstrued

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